Americana Napkin Rings

By  Patricia Kimle  for  Polyform Products

size: 1-1/2" diameter

  • Americana Napkin Rings
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  • Polyform Premo! Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay: Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red Hue, Ultramarine Blue Hue, Cobalt Blue, Black, White, Ecru


  • Polyform Sculpey Circle Cutters, 1-1/4” diameter
  • Star-shaped cutter, 1/4”
  • Acrylic roller
  • Needle tool
  • Clay conditioning machine

Basic Supplies

  • craft knife, ruler, parchment-lined baking sheet, oven, craft mat or wax paper, soft cloth or denim scrap
  • 1. Run each clay separately through clay conditioning machine on widest setting. Fold clay in half after each pass and insert folded side into rollers first. Use clay conditioning machine to blend custom colors as follows: for blue, (2:2:1) mixture of Ultramarine + Cobalt + Black; for red, (1:1) mixture of Cadmium Red + Alazarin Crimson; for white, (1:1) mixture of White + Ecru. (Note: Use 1/4 block for each part of mixture to make 2-3 napkin rings, depending on thickness.)

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  • 2. Roll custom colors into sheets on widest conditioning machine setting. Fold sheet in half to double thickness. Cut into 3/4"x4-1/2" strip, beveling edges inward toward top. Round edges with thumb. Wrap strip around circle cutter (for base), smoothing seam with fingers. Bake following manufacturer's instructions; let cool completely.

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  • 3. Roll blue and white clay to medium thickness. Cut stars from each color. Remove blue stars and replace with white stars. Roll surface of clay using acrylic roller. Trim to 1"x3/4" to fit napkin ring.

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  • 4. Roll red and white clay to medium thickness. Cut 1/8"-wide strips; alternate to form striped sheet. Apply stars and stripes on one half of baked ring; repeat pattern on opposite side. Alternate direction of stripes or add more stars for variation. Blend all seams using acrylic roller. Bake following manufacturer's instructions; let cool completely.

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  • 5. Carve small indentations over surface using craft knife. Buff carved surface with soft cloth. Repeat process to create additional napkin rings.

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  • Tip
  • 1. Polymer clay may stain or damage unprotected surfaces and furniture. Use clay on protected surface such as craft mat, wax paper, metal baking sheet, or disposable foil. Wash hands after use.