Clay Vase Wrap & Floral Sprays

By  Patricia Kimle  for  Polyform Products

size: varies

  • Clay Vase Wrap & Floral Sprays
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  • Polyform Sculpey Soufflé Polymer Clay: Pesto, Latte, Sandcastle
  • Glass vase
  • Floral wires or bamboo sticks, three
  • Silver-tone decorative buttons, one each: large, small


  • Clay conditioning machine
  • Polyform Sculpey Essential Tool Kit (roller, stylus, knife, needle)
  • Medium grit sanding sponge
  • Polyform Sculpey Bake & Bond Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • clay-dedicated baking sheet, oven, ruler
  • 1. Condition all clay by running through conditioning machine for several passes on widest setting. Fold clay in half after each pass; insert fold into rollers first.
  • 2. Roll Pesto clay to medium thickness approximately as tall as vase and wide enough wrap around. Wrap clay sheet around vase, trimming as necessary and blending seam where edges meet. Texture clay surface with sanding sponge. Trim top and bottom edges into straight edge.

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  • 3. Impress meandering line patterns across textured surface using ball stylus. Bake vase following manufacturer's instructions.

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  • 4. Roll 1/8"-diameter snake of Sandcastle clay. Cut into 1/4" segments. Form each into teardrop shape, then flatten into petal. Spread drop of adhesive where flower will be placed. Adhere seven petals to area in circle.

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  • 5. Roll medium sheet of Sandcastle clay long enough to go around vase. Cut 1/2"-wide strip; adhere around vase near top as ribbon. Position ends just below top center of vase front, draping ribbon as desired around vase.

    Photo 5
  • 6. Position additional flowers on vase where desired. Roll thin strings of Latte clay; cut and press into petals to add detail. Roll very small balls of Pesto clay for flower centers. Add texture lines and dots to flowers using needle tool.

    Photo 6
  • 7. Cut additional 1/2"-wide ribbon strips; create bow with multiple loops. Press large button into bow center. Adhere bow to vase using adhesive.

    Photo 7
  • 8. To make floral picks, sandwich wire or skewer between two identical clay circles, approximately 1-1/2" in diameter. Gently texture clay with sanding sponge. Add border to front circle using stylus. Embellish two picks with flowers and one with ribbon bow following previous processes. Press small button into bow center.

    Photo 8
  • 9. Bake vase and floral picks following manufacturer's instructions. Let cool.
  • Tip
  • 1. Because ovens vary, test oven temperature with separate thermometer for perfectly cured clay.