Sweet Cupcake Snowman

By  Lisa Bychowski 

size: 3-1/2" tall


  • STYROFOAM brand foam* balls: 2”; 2-1/2”, two
  • Delight Air-Dry Modeling Compound
  • Wooden dowel, 3/16”, 2-1/2” length
  • Rainbow Felt: Gold, 1-1/4”
  • Black seed beads, two
  • Lt. blue muffin cups, 10
  • Lt. orange embroidery floss
  • White string, 6”


  • Texture Magic: Dimensional Paint Green Whisper; Easy-Twist Detail Tips
  • Small paintbrush
  • Rolling pin
  • Wax paper
  • Paper clip
  • Wire cutter
  • 1. Press 2" ball onto work surface to flatten bottom; set aside. Flatten top and bottom of one 1-1/2" ball. For head, compress remaining 1-1/2" ball until slightly smaller than previous ball.
  • 2. Insert dowel through all three balls; glue to secure.
  • 3. On wax paper, roll out 1/2 package of air-dry modeling compound to 6" square. Wrap compound around foam balls; trim excess at back. Press compound over balls, trimming excess as needed.
  • 4. For eyes, push two beads into head. For wire loop, cut paperclip into "U" shape; insert cut ends into back of head.
  • 5. For nose, place felt diagonally on work surface; tightly roll from right to left. Wrap felt roll with floss and knot at end to secure. Trim excess felt and glue nose to face.
  • 6. For scarf, place flat tip onto Texture Magic™ tube and apply around neck. Let dry
  • 7. Apply glue to edges of stacked baking cups to secure. Glue snowman inside cups.
  • 8. For hanger, thread string through wire loop; knot ends.