Simple & Chic Holiday Pins

By  Susan Brzozowski  for  Jacquard Products


  • White Sculpey III Clay
  • Pearl Ex pigment powders: Spring Green; Flamingo Pink; Micro Pearl


  • Rubber stamps: Tree; Holly (Magenta); Bell (from Christmas Peace Set)
  • Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze
  • Small paintbrush
  • Clay-dedicated items: rolling pin or acrylic brayer; toaster oven; pasta machine (optional)
  • Pin back
  • Craft knife
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic wrap
  • 1. Follow manufacturer's instructions to condition clay until it is pliable. Roll clay to 1/8" thick. Quick Tip: Roll clay between plastic wrap to prevent it from sticking to work surface.
  • 2. Press stamp into clay, then use craft knife to cut out image. Paint image with desired pigment powders.
  • 3. Bake clay design(s) for 25 minutes at 275°F. Let cool.
  • 4. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply glaze; let dry. Glue pin back to back.
  • Susan's Tips For Success
  • 1. This technique is so easy that you can use just about any stamp you have. There's no need to buy something special. Experiment with your favorite stamps to see what you like. Just remember that if you're going to use it as a pin, don't make it too big.
  • 2. If you have a large stamp that you like, cut only part of it to use.
  • 3. Paint and glaze the backs of your pieces for a nice finish.
  • More
  • 1. Use this technique to create pins for any holiday or occasion.
  • 2. Host a Girls' Night In and create these beautiful pins.