Clay Polar Bear Ornament

By  Lori Allberry  for  Polyform Products Co.

size: 3" tall


  • Polymer Clay*: Sculpey Ultra Light; Sculpey III: Red; Black
  • Translucent Liquid Sculpey*
  • Glass square marble or acrylic ice cube (available at craft stores)
  • Ultra-fine glitter
  • Black glass beads without holes
  • Pink shading chalk or powdered blush


  • Clay-dedicated items: acrylic brayer or pasta machine; parchment-lined baking sheet
  • Clay Shaper*
  • Clear nail polish or glue
  • Eye pin
  • Toothpick
  • Cotton-tip swab
  • 1. Follow manufacturer's instructions to condition clay.
  • 2. For body, roll Ultra Light clay into 9/16" ball, then shape into a rounded triangle. Gently press to work surface to flatten bottom of wide end for a "round" belly.
  • 3. For legs, roll two 1/2" balls into tapered logs, then press wide end to work surface to flatten a little for feet. Press onto bottom sides of body and use shaping tool to smooth seams.
  • 4. For arms, roll two 3/8" balls into tapered logs, then curve them gently over side of finger to shape. Press onto sides top sides of body and use shaping tool to smooth seams. Use toothpick to make claw indentations.
  • 5. Mix equal parts Black with Ultra Light clay. For foot pads, press 1/16" ball onto center of foot and three 3/32" balls above 1/16" ball. Repeat for remaining foot.
  • 6. For head, roll 1/2" Ultra Light ball into rounded triangle, and gently press to body.
  • 7. For hat, mix equal parts Red with Ultra Light clay to make dk. pink. Roll 3/8" dk. pink ball into rounded triangle; press onto head. Use toothpick to make diamond pattern if desired. For brim, mix one part Red with four parts Ultra Light clay to make lt. pink. Roll thin lt. pink snake and press between hat and head. Use toothpick to make indentations. For pom-pom, roll tiny lt. pink ball and press onto top of hat.
  • 8. For ears, for two 1/8" Ultra Light balls and press onto hat above brim. Use shaping tools to indent inner ears.
  • 9. For tail, roll 1/8" Ultra Light ball into pointed cone and place under his bottom.
  • 10. Use toothpick to make eye holes; press beads in place. Use cotton-tip swab to apply chalk/blush to cheeks. Use toothpick to draw smile. For nose, roll very tiny black mix ball; press onto face.
  • 11. Apply tiny amount of liquid clay under his bottom and adhere bear to glass marble as shown. Drip liquid clay onto block for a snowy look. Insert eye pin into head.
  • 12. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake bear. Let cool. Apply clear polish or glue to snow drips; sprinkle with glitter. Thread ribbon through eye pin hole; knot and trim ends.