Christmas Candy Wreath

By  Diane Villano  for  Polyform Products

size: 18"


  • Studio by Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay*: Pomegranate; Raspberry Smoothie; Clover; Peapod; Buttercream (3 pkgs.)
  • Real or artificial evergreen wreath, 18”


  • Studio by Sculpey tools and accessories*: Acrylic Roller; Clay Knife or 5-in-1 Clay Tool Knife Head; Lift ‘n Scrape; Oven Thermometer
  • Sewing machine and light brown thread
  • Green floral wire, 22-24 gauge
  • FolkArt Acrylic Paint (Plaid): Vintage White
  • Wooden coffee stirrers
  • Craft-dedicated toaster oven
  • 1. Preheat oven to 275ºF. Test temperature with oven thermometer for perfectly cured clay.
  • 2. Follow manufacturer's instructions to condition clay.
  • 3. For candy cane, roll four blocks of Buttercream into an even round 7"-long log. Repeat with four blocks of Clover. Twist both logs together. Roll twisted log onto work surface to smooth. Continue to roll, twist, and stretch log until it measures 24" long. (Note: If log gets too long, cut it in half and work each half separately.) Use clay knife to cut 4" lengths and form each into a candy cane shape.
  • 4. For lollipop, repeat twisting and rolling process from Step 3. Cut 8" lengths with clay knife. Taper each end slightly and roll twisted log into a snail shape.
  • 5. For ribbon candy, roll two blocks of first color into an even round 8"-long log. Repeat with each color for a total of seven logs. The sample uses seven logs in this order: Pomegranate; Buttercream; Clover; Buttercream; Clover; Buttercream; Pomegranate. Lay logs together on work surface and use acrylic roller to press them together. Continue rolling to slightly flatten, stretching clay lengthwise at same time. Stop when clay is approximately 1/16" thick and 1-1/4" wide. Use clay knife to cut 10" lengths and form into ribbon candy shape.
  • 6. For ribbon candy bow, repeat stretching and flattening instructions in Step 5 and cut two 4"-long strips. Place strips together on an index card to form a "V" shape. Trim outer ends to form an inverted "V". Cut two 8" wire lengths and place them to form a cross on clay. Cut a 14"-long strips of ribbon candy clay and form into a loopy bow. Place on trimmed ends, holding wire pieces in place.
  • 7. Use Life ‘n Scrape tool to move the clay from your work surface to index cards. Bake clay at 275°F for 30 minutes. Let cool completely.
  • 8. For lollipop sticks, cut 3" lengths from coffee stirrers. Paint sticks Vintage White.
  • 9. Cut 8" wire length for each candy cane and lollipop. Condition 1/4 block of Buttercream clay for each candy cane and lollipop. For each candy cane, roll Buttercream clay into a thin log. Place 8" wire length along length of candy cane on back, and hold in place with Buttercream clay. For each lollipop, roll Buttercream clay into a ball. Place 8" wire length on back of lollipop, then lay painted stick on wire. Press Buttercream clay onto wire and stirrer to hold in place.
  • 10. Bake candy canes and lollipops at 275°F for 30 minutes. Let cool completely.
  • 11. String 8" wire lengths through loop of each ribbon candy piece. Starting with ribbon candy bow at top of wreath, wire candy pieces onto wreath and trim excess wire.