All Tangled Up Clay Reindeer Ornament

By  Sandi Colwell  for  Polyform Products Co.

size: 4" tall

  • All Tangled Up Clay Reindeer Ornament
  • Closeup View


  • Sculpey polymer clay (Polyform): UltraLight; Premo!: Cadmium Red; Raw Sienna; Ultramarine Blue; Black; White
  • Miniature wooden sled
  • Miniature Christmas light strand


  • Red acrylic paint
  • Eyehook
  • Clay-dedicated items: acrylic brayer; parchment-lined baking sheet; needle tool
  • E6000 Industrial-Strength Adhesive (Eclectic Products)
  • 1. Paint sled red. Let dry.
  • 2. Mix UltraLight with Raw Sienna clay to make lt. brown.
  • 3. For head, roll 7/8" lt. brown ball, then shape into oval with one slightly larger end.
  • 4. For body, roll 7/8" ball into cone shape.
  • 5. For arms, roll two 1/2" balls into logs that are slightly wider at ends for hands. For legs, roll 5/8" balls into logs that are slightly wider at ends for feet. Attach arms and legs to body at sides. Use pin to make indents on hands and feet.
  • 6. For eyes, roll two very small white clay balls. For pupils, roll two tiny black clay balls and press onto eyeballs. For nose, roll small red ball. Press eyeballs and nose onto head.
  • 7. For antlers, roll 1/4" logs, then use photo as guide to attach two smaller logs to each main log. Use paintbrush end to make two indentations in head, then press antlers in indents.
  • 8. To attach head, insert pin halfway into top of body and head onto pin. Insert eyehook into head for hanger.
  • 9. Mix Ultramarine Blue with UltraLight to make lt. blue. For scarf, roll flat strip of lt. blue. Use pin to make "fringe" indentations in ends. Wrap scarf around neck.
  • 10. Follow manufacturer's instructions to back clay. Let cool. Glue reindeer to sled and wrap light strand around reindeer.