Toothpick Snowman Ornament

By  Andrea Koehler  for  Polyform Products

  • Toothpick Snowman Ornament


  • Sculpey III Clay (Polyform): White; Blue Pearl; Stonewash
  • FolkArt Acrylic Colors (Plaid): Copper; Wicker White
  • Toothpicks, four
  • Eye pin


  • Clay-dedicated items: pasta machine or acrylic brayer; baking sheet
  • Stylus or wooden craft knife
  • Paintbrush
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Note
  • 1. Follow manufacturer's instructions to condition clay.
  • For Arms and Legs
  • 1. Paint three toothpicks Wicker White and remaining toothpick Copper. Set aside.
  • For Body
  • 1. Shape a 1-1/4" White clay ball into pear shape. Flatten piece slightly with palm.
  • For Patch
  • 1. Use pasta machine or brayer to roll out Blue Pearl clay to 1/16" thickness. Use blade to cut 1/4" square. Attach square to body. Use stylus to imprint "stitches" across patch.
  • For Hat
  • 1. Roll out Blue Pearl clay to 1/16" thickness. Use blade to cut a rectangle large enough to fit circumference of body's head. Wrap clay around heat and twist tip of hat to a point. Roll out Stonewash clay to 1/16" thickness. Use blade to cut a 1/4"-wide strip, wrap around hat brim and cut to fit. Use stylus to imprint "elastic" on strip. Insert eye pin into top of head.
  • For Nose
  • 1. Use needle-nose pliers to snip tip from copper-colored toothpick. Insert tip into body, slightly under brim.
  • For Boots
  • 1. Shape two 3/4" Blue Pearl balls into eggs. For soles, shape two 1/2" Stonewash balls into flattened eggs and attach to bottoms of shoes. Use stylus to create "tread" on shoe bottoms. For socks, shape two 3/8" Blue Pearl balls and attach to top of shoes. Use stylus to create shoe "laces" on top of shoe. Insert white toothpick in each shoe. Insert opposite toothpick ends into body.
  • For Arms
  • 1. Insert remaining white toothpick into torso. For mittens, shape two Blue Pearl balls into heart shapes and insert onto toothpick tips. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake snowman.
  • More
  • 1. Tie this ornament to a package of white chocolate-covered pretzel rods for a spectacular holiday gift.