Oak Leaves Vase

By  Sandy Rollinger 

size: 9" tall

  • Oak Leaves Vase


  • Glass vase, 9” tall
  • Polyform Sculpey III Oven-Bake Clay: Gold, Copper


  • Oak leaf clay or cookie cutter, 1-1/2”
  • Acrylic clay roller, parchment-lined baking sheet, oven
  • Jacquard Lumiere Paints: Sunset Gold, Burnt Orange, Bright Gold
  • Aleene’s Thick Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • toothpicks, ruler, plastic place mat and newspaper (to cover work surface), aluminum foil, scrubby pad, glass cleaner and soft cloth, flat craft brush, sponge scrap
  • 1. Condition all clay before starting until soft and pliable. Roll Gold clay to 1/8" thickness on plastic place mat. Use scrubby pad to texture clay. Use leaf cutter to cut out five leaf shapes. Use toothpick to make veins in each leaf. Set aside.
  • 2. Roll remainder of Gold clay into three small balls for acorns. Roll one end of each ball into point. Set aside.
  • 3. Roll 1/16"x4-1/2" rope of Copper clay for largest branch. Press onto vase, curving top portion to left. Use toothpick to mark lines down length of branch. Form smaller branch about 1-1/2" long and press onto right side of large branch toward top of vase. Form 1"-long branch and place this about halfway down right side of large branch. Use toothpick to mark lines down branches.
  • 4. Press three leaves onto branch ends. Press two leaves onto lower branch about 2" up from bottom of large branch.
  • 5. Form three balls of Copper clay and use finger to push in centers of each, forming cap for each acorn. Use toothpick to mark crisscross marks around caps. Press caps on top of acorns with points facing outward. Press acorns onto center of bottom leaves on vase touching one other.
  • 6. Position vase on side on parchment-lined baking sheet. Place balls of foil on either side of vase to hold in place and keep from rolling. Bake in oven at 275º for 10 minutes. Let cool completely before removing from oven. Carefully remove clay pieces from vase and set aside.
  • 7. Clean vase using glass cleaner and soft cloth. On newspaper-covered work surface, paint vase Burnt Orange by sponge painting with sponge scrap. Let dry. Sponge paint vase Bright Gold and then Sunset Gold randomly. Let dry. Place vase in oven at 100º for five minutes to cure paint. Let cool completely before removing.
  • 8. Apply glue to back of clay leaf/branch pieces. Gently press on vase to make contact with glue and vase. Let dry on side overnight. Drybrush Sunset Gold paint over leaves, acorns, and branches. Let dry.
  • Tip
  • 1. Omit sponge painting by purchasing a ceramic or glass vase in gold or orange fall tones.