Hattie the Hippo Mailbox

By  Michelle Zimmerman  for  AMACO

size: 12"x8"x7"

  • Hattie the Hippo Mailbox


  • Recycled tissue box, 5”x4-1/2”x4-1/2”
  • AMACO Cloud Clay: White, Red, Purple, Black


  • AMACO Clay Roller
  • Heart cookie cutters, in two sizes
  • Aluminum foil

Basic Supplies

  • clear tape, container or water, wax paper, ruler
  • 1. Position box on side. (Note: Hole on box will be hippo's mouth.) Cover box with scrunched aluminum foil balls for basic shape of face and head. Tape foil to secure.
  • 2. On wax paper, remove clay from packages and condition separately in hands. Blend small amount Purple clay with White clay to create lavender color. Use clay roller to roll 1/4"-thick sheet; cover foil on box. Set small amount of lavender clay aside for ears and eyelids and small amount of White clay for hearts, teeth, and eyeballs.
  • 3. Form Red clay lips and apply small amount of water on back. Apply small amount water on face; press lips around opening on box. Shape two teeth from White clay; press on inside of lips.
  • 4. Roll two small White clay balls; form into eyeballs. Roll two small Purple clay balls and two tiny Black clay balls. Layer and press Purple and Black balls on eyes. Flatten small lavender balls (from Step 2) and press above eyes for eyelids. Roll two small Black clay balls; flatten and press on face for nostrils. Use small amounts of water to adhere, if needed.
  • 5. Form ears from remaining lavender clay; add small amount of Red clay if needed and press on top of head. Use heart cookie cutter to cut shapes from clay colors of choice. Press hearts on face and ear. Use small amount of water to adhere, if needed.
  • 6. Let hippo dry completely.