Gingerbread Ornament

By  Andrea Koehler  for  Polyform Products

  • Gingerbread Ornament


  • Sculpey III Clay (Polyform Products): Terra Cotta; Chocolate; Red; White
  • Black seed beads (eyes), two
  • Eye pins, nine


  • Klay Kutter (Kemper): Heart, 3/16”
  • Clay-dedicated pasta machine or acrylic brayer
  • Craft knife
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Oven
  • 1. For icing, roll seven 3"-long, 1/8"-wide White clay ropes; set aside.
  • 2. For hearts, roll red clay though pasta machine to 1/8" thick; cut two hearts and set aside.
  • 3. For body, blend Terra Cotta and Chocolate clay together for gingerbread color. For feet, roll two 3/4" balls and shape into flattened eggs. Wrap one icing rope around each foot in a wavy pattern. Use craft knife to cut excess clay where icing ends meet. For body, roll 1-1/4" ball into pear shape. Wrap icing rope around chest and belly of torso. Cut icing to fit. For arms, roll two 5/8" balls and shape into long teardrops. Wrap icing rope around each arm. For head, roll 7/8" ball. Insert seed bead eyes into head and use craft blade to make "eye squints". Attach heart shape to each cheek and use craft blade to create stitch marks. Wrap icing rope over head and cut to fit. Attach head to body.
  • 4. Insert one eye pin into top of each arm and foot, and top of head. Use pliers to open four eye pins and insert into torso where arms and legs will be attached.
  • 5. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake separate pieces. When cool, use pliers to attach arms and legs by closing opened eye pins.