Clay Dove Napkin Rings

By  Melony Miller Bradley 

size: 5-3/4"x4"

  • Clay Dove Napkin Rings


  • Polyform Sculpey III White Oven-Bake Clay


  • Polyform Sculpey: Clay Tool Starter Set, Copper Ceiling Texture Sheet, Work ‘n Bake Clay Mat
  • Round cookie cutter, 1”
  • Acrylic roller
  • DecoArt Silver Spark Metallic Lustre Wax
  • Oven

Basic Supplies

  • cornstarch, paintbrush, pencil, cardstock

Pattern - Clay Dove Napkin Rings

  • 1. Condition three segments of White clay in hands until soft and pliable. Roll out on mat into 6" square with 1/2" thickness.
  • 2. Dust Copper Ceiling texture sheet with cornstarch using paintbrush. Press texture sheet onto clay to create deep texture.
  • 3. Print out pattern onto cardstock; cut out. Using knife from starter set, cut dove shape from textured clay. Cut out center using cookie cutter.
  • 4. Bake dove on clay mat in oven following manufacturer's instructions. Let cool.
  • 5. Rub surface of dove with Silver Spark wax. Let set.
  • 6. Follow Steps 1-5 to create additional napkin rings.
  • Tip
  • 1. For an iridescent look, drybrush edges of napkin rings with pearlescent or metallic paint.