Garden Pot and Thermometer

By  Lorine Mason 

Transform a clay pot and plastic thermometer into outdoor art. Before Mother Nature has a chance, you an easily give your garden set a weathered appearance, making it fit perfectly with its surroundings.

  • Garden Pot and Thermometer
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  • Terra Cotta air-dry clay, 1 pkg.
  • Clay pot and saucer, 8” diameter
  • Outdoor thermometer, 2-1/2”x6-1/2”
  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Sheet, 1” thick, 6”x10”


  • Cookie cutters: Leaf, 1-1/4” across; Round, 1” diameter
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Light Buttermilk, Arbor Green
  • DecoArt DuraClear Matte Varnish
  • Foam cutter
  • Rolling pin or acrylic brayer
  • Leaves (fresh or artificial)
  • Woven placemat
  • Beacon Adhesives Hold The Foam! Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • ruler, soft cloth, paintbrush
  • Thermometer
  • 1. Center thermometer on plastic-foam sheet; trace. Cut 3/4"-deep groove into plastic foam to fit thermometer. Cut plastic-foam sheet, leaving 1-1/2" border around thermometer and rounded point at top as shown.
  • 2. Follow manufacturer's instructions to condition clay. Roll clay to 1/8" thickness. Apply glue to front and sides of plastic-foam sheet. Cover plastic-foam sheet with clay; trim excess. Use rolling pin to smooth surface. For texture, press woven placemat onto clay. Cover back of thermometer in same way.
  • 3. Roll clay to 1/8" thickness. Use cookie cutter to cut out leaves. For texture, press leaves onto clay leaves; remove.
  • 4. Press clay leaves onto outside edge of thermometer as shown. Adhere thermometer to plastic-foam sheet.
  • Clay Pot
  • 1. Follow manufacturer's instructions to condition clay. Roll clay to 1/8" thickness. Use cookie cutters to cut out leaves and grapes. Create vein lines in same way as thermometer.
  • 2. Press leaves and grapes onto pot as shown. Roll thin strips of clay and curl; press onto pot along grape clusters as shown.
  • Finishing
  • 1. When clay is dry, mix equal parts Light Buttermilk and water; paint pot and thermometer. Use soft cloth to wipe excess paint. Repeat with Green Arbor.
  • 2. Apply varnish.