Retro Canisters & Utensils Set

By  Amy Koranek  for  Polyform Products

size: varies

  • Retro Canisters & Utensils Set


  • Polyform Sculpey III Oven-Bake Clay: Turquoise, Granny Smith, Just Orange, White
  • Glass canning jars, in various sizes
  • Purchased salt and pepper shakers
  • Purchased bamboo utensils


  • Polyform Sculpey: Clay Conditioning Machine, Argyle Texture Wheel, Clay Tool Starter Set
  • Silver acrylic paint
  • Silicone glue
  • Parchment-lined baking sheet and oven

Basic Supplies

  • copy paper, pencil, scissors, craft knife, paintbrush, wax paper and newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - Retro Canisters & Utensils Set

  • 1. Print out and cut out patterns.
  • 2. On wax paper-covered work surface, remove clay from packages. Roll each color clay separately to 1/8" thickness using clay conditioning machine on #1 setting. Press sheets flat on work surface. In diagonal pattern, roll Argyle pattern on Turquoise, Granny Smith, and Just Orange clay sheets.
  • 3. For canisters, use craft knife to cut outer oval shape from Turquoise, Granny Smith, and Just Orange sheets. For shakers, cut circular shapes from Granny Smith and Just Orange sheets. Cut inner oval shapes from White clay for canisters and shakers.
  • 4. Position White oval shapes on center of corresponding colored-clay shapes. Position patterns on top of ovals. Use needle tool to indent letters spelling "Coffee," "Sugar," "Cream," "S," and "P" on each oval. Remove patterns. Use 2mm ball tool to score letters into White clay ovals following indented guidelines made by needle tool.
  • 5. Carefully remove colored-clay shapes from work surface. Position on sides of canisters and shakers, smoothing edges to conform to items. Roll small White clay balls; flatten into discs. Use needle tool to draw lines on discs. Press discs along edges of shapes.
  • 6. For canister lids, measure and draw circular shapes to fit top of lids. Cut circular shapes from clay sheets; press onto top of each lid.
  • 7. For utensils, position handle of each utensil on copy paper. Trace around each handle to make pattern. Cut pattern just inside drawn line. Cut patterns from clay sheet using craft knife. Add small White clay discs on each handle. Draw lines on discs using needle tool.
  • 8. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake clay pieces on canisters and jars and utensil shapes on parchment-lined baking sheet in oven. Let cool.
  • 9. Remove clay pieces from items; reposition on items and adhere using glue. Adhere clay pieces on utensil handles. Let dry.
  • 10. On newspaper-covered work surface, carefully paint letters silver. Let dry.
  • Tip
  • 1. Use this simple application to personalize layered cookie and cake jar mixes for a fun gift idea.