Gingerbread & Hobby Horse Ornaments

By  Sandy Rollinger 

sizes: 6" tall

  • Gingerbread & Hobby Horse Ornaments


  • Wooden craft sticks, four
  • Polyform Sculpey Pluffy Clay: Red, White, Brown, Pink, Black, Hot Pink
  • Polyform Sculpey III Oven-Bake Clay: White, String Bean, Red Hot Red, Ballerina, Hazel Nut
  • Wiggle eyes, four
  • Small paperclip
  • Ribbon, 1/4”-wide, 8” lengths, two
  • Small piece of felt, any color


  • Acrylic paints: light brown, green; white dimensional
  • Clay-dedicated rolling pin, parchment-lined baking sheet, and oven
  • Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, plastic place mat (for work surface), container of water, toothpick, scrub sponge, paintbrush, craft knife
  • Note
  • 1. Before beginning, remove clay from packages and condition separately in hands until soft and pliable. If clay cracks, keep conditioning. Work on plastic place mat for better ease in transferring clay to baking sheet.
  • Gingerbread Man
  • 1. Roll 1-1/2"x2" Brown oval shape (body); flatten. Roll 1-1/2" Brown ball (head); flatten. Cut craft stick to 1" length; press into clay shapes connecting body and head. Cut two craft sticks in half; press each half on body for arms and legs.
  • 2. Position gingerbread man on parchment-lined baking sheet. Use scrub sponge to create texture on head and body.
  • 3. Roll two small Black balls (buttons); press on body. Use scrub sponge to make texture on buttons.
  • 4. Roll two small Red ovals (bow tie); press between head and body. Use toothpick to mark center. Roll tiny Red ball; press on bow tie center.
  • 5. Roll Red skinny log; press on face (for smile). Roll two Hot Pink balls; press on smile ends for cheeks. Roll tiny Pink ball; slightly flatten and press above mouth. Roll skinny White Pluffy string; wrap around top of head for frosting.
  • 6. Bake gingerbread man in oven at 275º for 10 minutes. Let cool.
  • 7. Remove arms and legs carefully; paint brown. Let dry. Paint icing details on ends of arms and legs. Let dry. Adhere arms and legs on back of body using tacky glue. Let dry.
  • 8. Fold ribbon length in half; adhere onto back of body. Adhere small felt scrap over ribbon ends (for reinforcement). Let dry. Adhere wiggle eyes on face.
  • Hobby Horse
  • 1. Roll 1-1/2" White Sculpey III ball (head); flatten. Use craft knife to cut upside down "L" shape measuring approximately 1-1/2"x2". Insert craft stick about 1/2" up into neck area (at base of shape).
  • 2. Roll 1/4"-wide Hazel Nut strip; flatten. Press strip along neck area for mane. Use craft knife to make hair lines on mane. Insert small paperclip into top of mane (for hanger).
  • 3. Cut two small White triangles (ears); press on sides of head. Roll small Ballerina ovals (ears) and circles (cheeks); flatten and press on head. Use toothpick to indent nostrils.
  • 4. Roll and flatten String Bean ball; cut two small diamond shapes (holly leaves). Press holly on neck. Use toothpick to mark center on leaves. Roll tiny Red Hot Red ball (berry); press on leaves.
  • 5. Roll small balls of White and Red Hot Red clays into skinny strings; twist strings together and wrap into ball (for peppermint candy).
  • 6. Position horse head and peppermint on parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake in oven at 275º for 10 minutes. Let cool.
  • 7. Remove craft stick from horse. Paint craft stick green. Let dry. Adhere stick into bottom of neck. Let dry. Randomly dot stick with white dimensional paint using end of paintbrush handle; let dry. Adhere peppermint candy on bottom of craft stick. Adhere eyes on each side of head.
  • 8. Insert ribbon ends through paperclip; tie ends in knot.
  • Tip
  • 1. If working with younger kids, substitute an old or promo credit card for your cutting tool instead of a craft knife.