Christmas House Snow Globe

By  Kellie Mowat  for  STAEDTLER-Mars Limited

size: 5"

  • Christmas House Snow Globe


  • STAEDTLER FIMO Soft Oven-Bake Clay: Black, two packages; one package each, White, Lemon, Glitter Red, Glitter Green
  • Glycerine
  • Recycled glass jar with screw-top lid
  • Distilled water


  • Basic clay sculpting tools
  • Clay roller or clay-dedicated rolling pin
  • Parchment-lined baking sheet and oven
  • Iridescent or white glitter
  • STAEDTLER Lumocolor Black Permanent Marker
  • Aquarium adhesive or other strong waterproof glue

Basic Supplies

  • craft knife, ruler, scrap paper, toothpick, stylus, tablespoon
  • 1. Find small glass jar that has wide rim and screw top lid. It can be round or square in shape. See Photo 1.

    Photo 1
  • 2. On clean work surface, remove clay from packages and condition separately in hands until soft and pliable.
  • 3. Working on parchment paper, measure width of jar and use measurement to make two 1/8"-thick square sheets of Black clay. Roll out 3/4" Black balls; flatten to 1/8" thickness. Cut balls in half and press to roof squares for shingles. See Photo 2. Offset each row of tiles and trim edges. Make two 1/8"-thick triangular sheets of Black clay to fit ends of roof. (Note: Draw paper template first and adjust size for best fit.) Use toothpick to add texture on shingles. See Photo 3. For peak of roof, roll 3/4"-wide flat Black strip same-length as roof. Press on roof edges, joining pieces together. See Photo 4. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake assembled roof on parchment-lined baking sheet in oven. Let cool.

    Photo 2

    Photo 3

    Photo 4
  • 4. Roll thin sheet of Black clay to fit inside mouth of jar (for back of fireplace). Flatten small Glitter Red ball to 1/4" thickness; cut out fireplace opening. Position red fireplace on Black sheet; cut away excess Black clay. Use stylus to draw brick lines on fireplace surface. See Photo 5.

    Photo 5
  • 5. Form chimney on roof with Glitter Red clay; mark bricks along chimney using stylus. Roll White ball; flatten to 1/4" thickness and cut out mantle and chimney top. Add Glitter Red logs (Santa's legs) coming out of chimney, small Black balls (Santa's boots), White cuffs, and thin Black belt. Form mound of White on inside of lid (keeping edges clear where jar fits inside lid); press fireplace firmly on mound. See Photo 6.

    Photo 6
  • 6. Use small pieces of Glitter Red, Lemon, and Glitter Green to decorate mantle and roof eaves with pine boughs, candles, and star. Add Glitter Green ball (Santa's bag) and thin Glitter Red strip (bow) next to fireplace. See Photo 7.

    Photo 7
  • 7. Roll 1/4"-thick log of Black clay; press around opposite end of jar where roof will fit. Press roof firmly on log, keeping level and even. See Photo 8. Roll 1/8"-thick Black sheet; wrap around edge of lid. Add 1/4"-thick Black log on top of sheet. Make sure lid will easily screw on jar and no Black edging is in way. See Photo 9.

    Photo 8

    Photo 9
  • 8. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake clay pieces, lid, and jar on parchment-lined baking sheet in oven. Let cool.
  • 9. Add two tablespoons of glitter in jar. Add two tablespoons of glycerine in jar. (Note: Adjust glitter and glycerine amounts depending on size of jar.) Fill jar almost completely full with distilled water (or previously boiled water). Add generous amount of aquarium sealant to inside edge of lid; close jar carefully. Let dry for 24 hours. See Photo 10.

    Photo 10
  • 10. For name plaque, roll White clay to 1/4" thickness; cut out 1"x2-1/2" plaque. Roll skinny ropes of White, Glitter Green, and Glitter Red; twist together. Press twisted rope around edges of plaque. Add Glitter Green pine boughs and Lemon star. See Photo 11. Bake in oven; let cool. Use marker to write name on plaque. Adhere plaque on snow globe using aquarium sealant; let dry.

    Photo 11
  • Tip
  • 1. Work on parchment paper to easily move un-baked clay pieces onto baking sheet.