Hanging Hearts Trio

By  Carol Foldvary-Anderson 

sizes: free-hanging hearts, 2"; heart on board, 5" square

  • Hanging Hearts Trio


  • Crayola Model Magic Air Dry Clay
  • Metallic pony beads: silver, gold
  • Lion Brand White Fun Fur
  • Cream ribbon, 1/8”-wide, 8” length
  • White cording, 12” lengths, two
  • Wooden board, 1/2” thick, 5” square
  • Crinkled tan fabric, 8” square
  • Mat board, 5” square
  • Silver round brads, four
  • Copper tacks, five
  • Eye screws, two


  • Drill and small bit
  • Heart cookie cutter, 2”
  • Staple gun and staples

Basic Supplies

  • plastic knife and fork, cookie cutter, wooden skewer, dinner plate, sandpaper, hammer and nail, ruler
  • 1. Condition clay on work surface. Form 3" ball on dinner plate and flatten to about 1/4" thickness. Position heart cookie cutter on center of flattened clay and cut out shape. Remove excess clay from around edges. Trim around edges of heart using plastic knife if needed. Repeat process to create two additional hearts. Use wooden skewer to poke holes on center top of each heart (for hanger).
  • 2. With remaining clay, roll skinny snake shapes and form pointed ends. Cut snakes in half; press snakes on heart in swirl pattern. Use fork to make indentations and patterns on hearts. Use skewer to add dots and other designs on hearts. Let hearts dry completely.
  • 3. For free-hanging hearts, measure and cut eyelash yarn to desired length. Thread eyelash yarn through hole on top of heart with length extending behind heart to hang below bottom. Add pony beads onto white cording; thread cording through hole on top of heart and knot ends into loop.
  • 4. For heart mounted on wooden board, sand edges of wooden board. Position board on fabric and wrap fabric edges (like a present) to back of board. Use staple gun to secure fabric onto board. Use copper tacks to attach mat board onto back of wooden board, covering edges of stapled fabric. Thread eyelash yarn through hole on top of heart with length extending around heart to hang below bottom; knot yarn at base of heart. Turn board over; center heart on board and use hammer to secure copper tack through hole in heart. Secure four silver brads around heart on front of board. Use hammer and nail to make two holes on top edge of board for eye screws; insert eye screws into board. Thread ribbon through eye screw; knot ends together.