"Where the Wild Things Are" Monsters

By  Michelle Zimmerman  for  AMACO

size: 3-1/2"x7"

  • "Where the Wild Things Are" Monsters


  • AMACO Cloud Clay: White, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Black


  • AMACO EZ Grip Modeling Tools

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, toothpicks
  • 1. Remove clay from packages. To condition, roll clay in hands until soft, bending and rolling until pliable. Roll eight small pointed shapes (claws) and two small pointed horns from White clay. Set aside to dry.
  • 2. For purple monster, roll 3" Purple clay ball. Form ball into body with head shape. Form two hands and arms from Purple clay and press on body. Roll Orange mouth and beak. Use toothpick to make nostrils. Roll Yellow and White clay together; form two small eyes. Press rounded modeling tool into head, forming eye sockets. Press eyes in eye sockets and mouth and beak on head. Roll one Orange ball (hair) and two Orange feet with three toes on each. Press hair and horns (from Step 1) on monster. Insert claws (from Step 1) in hands. Insert toothpicks into feet; press into body.
  • 3. For orange monster, roll large Orange log; bend log into curved shape for tail, body, and head. Mix White and Orange clay together into ball; press ball (head) onto body, forming into snout. Roll tiny White teeth and tiny spikes for feet and tail. Roll large flat triangles and scales from Black clay. Roll two Yellow and one Black feather shapes. Set aside to dry. Use scissors to cut small beard into bottom of face. Press rounded modeling tool into head, forming eye sockets. Roll two tiny Yellow eyes and two tiny Black pupils. Layer and press eyes and pupils into eye sockets. Press teeth into area above beard. Roll two tiny Orange ears and two large Orange feet. Press ears on head and insert toothpicks into feet; press feet into bottom of body. Press feathers and horn (from Step 1) on head. Press wings and tail onto body. Press spikes on feet.
  • 4. Position monsters on work surface, gently flattening feet and bottom of body to stand upright. Let dry.