More! Noahs Ark Animals

By  Michelle Zimmerman  for  AMACO

size: varies

  • More! Noahs Ark Animals


  • AMACO Cloud Clay: Assortment: Black/Brown/Terra Cotta/White
  • Black seed beads, two (for each animal)
  • Toothpicks

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler
  • 1. On clean work surface, remove clay from packages. To condition, roll clay separately in hands until soft, bending and rolling until pliable. If clay cracks, keep conditioning.
  • 2. For each monkey, roll large ball (body), five logs (arms, legs, and tail), and small ball (head) from Dark Brown clay. Insert toothpick into head; press into body. Press arms, legs, and tail on body. Roll two tiny balls (ears); press on top of head. For face, roll small Terra Cotta ball; flatten and press on front of head.
  • 3. For each penguin, roll large ball (body) and two small balls (wings) from Black clay. Form body into triangle shape. For stomach, roll medium White ball; flatten and press on front of body. For feet and beak, roll three small Terra Cotta balls; press feet on body and beak above stomach.
  • 4. For each zebra, roll two large balls (body and head) and four small logs (legs) from White clay. Insert toothpicks into each leg; press into body. Press head on end of body. For hair, roll small Black ball into log; press on back of head. For stripes, roll skinny Black logs; press on body and head. For nostrils, roll two tiny Black balls; press on end of head.
  • 5. Press black seed beads (eyes) into face. Use toothpick to add nostril holes and form monkey's hands.