Mini Dracula Ornament

By  Lianne & Paul Stoddard  for  Swirly Designs for Polyform Products

size: 2-3/8"x2-1/2"

  • Mini Dracula Ornament
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  • Polyform Premo! Sculpey Clay: Wasabi, Black, Cadmium Red Hue; Glow in the Dark
  • Decorative scrapbook paper
  • Chipboard or repurposed cardboard, 2mm thick
  • Plastic shot cup
  • Stiff black felt
  • Eye hook
  • Black twine


  • Polyform Sculpey Clay Tools: Clay Conditioning Machine, Mini Metal Cutters in Basic Shapes, Super Slicer, Gloss Glaze, Style & Detail Tools
  • Background texture stamp of choice
  • Cutting tools: pinking shears, scalloped scissors, craft knife
  • Acrylic paint: red glitter, white, black
  • Black chunky glitter
  • Parchment-lined baking sheet and oven
  • Adhesives: Plaid Matte Mod Podge, craft glue, Polyform Sculpey Bake & Bond

Basic Supplies

  • paintbrush, ruler, scissors, toothpick, newspaper and wax paper (to cover work surface)
  • 1. On newspaper-covered work surface, squeeze several drops of red glitter paint into shot cup; spread to cover bottom with paintbrush. Paint "drips" on sides of cup. See Photo 1. Set aside to dry completely.

    Photo 1
  • 2. Cut 3"x3" square from both chipboard and paper, making sure square is 1/2" larger than cup. Découpage squares together with Mod Podge; set aside to dry.
  • 3. On wax paper-covered work surface, condition clay until soft and pliable. Roll 1/2" oval of Black clay. Press down on top of oval to create bat ears. Indent eye sockets using stylus. Roll two Glow in the Dark clay eyeballs small enough to fit sockets. Place dot of Bake & Bond in each socket; adhere eyeballs. Indent pupils using toothpick. See Photo 2.

    Photo 2
  • 4. Apply Bake & Bond to eye hook; insert into top of bat head. Place head on parchment-lined baking sheet.
  • 5. Freehand cut bat wings from felt; trim along bottom edge with scalloped scissors. Set aside. See Photo 3.

    Photo 3
  • 6. Roll 1/2" Black clay ball; form into Dracula's body. Cut small piece of toothpick, apply Bake & Bond to end, and insert glued end halfway into top of body. Roll 3/4" ball of Glow in the Dark clay; flatten into 1/4"-diameter pancake. Stand pancake on edge and flatten top, pulling out slightly to form ears. Roll sheet of Black clay through conditioning machine on #5 setting. Cut oval with mini cutter. On one end of oval, use arch of heart cutter to make hairline. Attach hair to head. Add mouth and eye details with tools. Apply Bake & Bond to exposed end of body toothpick; gently press head onto body over toothpick. See Photo 4.

    Photo 4
  • 7. Roll sheet of Cadmium Red Hue clay through conditioning machine on #5 setting. Stamp texture onto sheet. Roll sheet of Black clay in same way. Position red sheet onto black sheet with textured side exposed. See Photo 5.

    Photo 5
  • 8. 8 Position Dracula on layered sheets. Cut off bottom edge of clay using rick rack blade. Cut off top part of clay just above Dracula's head using slicer. Cut out collar using craft knife. Apply Bake & Bond to back of Dracula; lightly press cape to back. See Photo 6.

    Photo 6
  • 9. Roll two tiny Wasabi clay balls (for eyes). Use toothpick to indent pupils. See Photo 7. Place dot of Bake & Bond in each eye socket; adhere eyeballs.

    Photo 7
  • 10. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake all clay pieces on parchment-lined baking sheet in oven. Let cool completely.
  • 11. On newspaper-covered work surface, dot eyes black, and paint white fangs and buttons on Dracula. Paint bat eyes red and fangs white. Let dry. Apply coat of glaze on both pieces; let dry.
  • 12. Lay cup on chipboard; cut chipboard into circle with pinking shears, leaving 1/4" border on edges. See Photo 8. Adhere Dracula in center of circular base. Apply glue to rim of cup; adhere to base. Apply glitter around edge of cup. Let dry.

    Photo 8
  • 13. Adhere wings to bat; adhere bat to top of cup. Tie twine through eye hook for hanger.