Clay Coiled Pot

By  Michelle Zimmerman  for  AMACO

size: 5-1/2"x5-1/2"

  • Clay Coiled Pot


  • AMACO Mexican Pottery Clay, 2 lb. box


  • AMACO Wire Clay Cutter
  • Carving tools
  • Container of water

Basic Supplies

  • newspaper (to cover work surface)
  • 1. On covered work surface, remove clay from package. Use clay cutter to cut piece from clay block. To condition, roll small amounts of clay in hands until soft, bending and rolling until pliable. If clay cracks, keep conditioning. Roll long logs of clay.
  • 2. Roll clay logs into circular shape, creating base of pot. Continue rolling long logs, adding to base, created pot shape. For top edge, roll two logs, smoothing onto top edge of pot.
  • 3. Use fingers to smooth inside and outside edges of logs, created smooth pot shape.
  • 4. For sun decorations, roll 1" clay balls. Flatten balls on work surface. Press balls onto sides of pot, spacing evenly. Use carving tool to add sun indentations into pot.
  • 5. Let pot dry completely.
  • Tip
  • 1. After pot is dry, use acrylic paints to paint pot in colors of choice.