Thanksgiving Cornucopia & Feast

By  Helen Bradley  for  AMACO

  • Thanksgiving Cornucopia & Feast
  • Turkey


  • AMACO Cloud Clay: Terracotta, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Purple


  • Leaf-shape cookie cutter
  • AMACO Acrylic Roller (or clay-dedicated rolling pin)
  • AMACO EZ Grip Modeling Tools

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, plastic wrap
  • 1. On clean work surface, remove clay from packages. To condition, roll clay in hands until soft, bending and rolling until pliable.
  • 2. For cornucopia, roll 2/3 package of Terracotta clay into long strip. Fold and pull clay, creating long ridges. Form clay into 6"-long tube with curled end. Form opening on one end; insert small amount plastic wrap in opening (to hold shape). For braided rim, roll Terracotta log and divide into two 8" lengths. Braid lengths together; press around opening. Smooth edges. Let dry.
  • 3. For pumpkins, roll four 1" Orange balls. Press balls together; use toothpick or tool to draw indentations down center. For stems, roll 1/4" Terracotta ball; form into rectangle. Insert stem in top of pumpkin. For tendrils, roll tiny Terracotta ball into skinny logs. Curl logs and press around stem.
  • 4. For grapes, roll tiny Green, Yellow, and White balls together or Purple, Red, and White balls together, creating green or purple colors. Roll 30 mixed balls for each grape bunch. Let dry slightly; press together in bunches.
  • 5. For apples, roll 2" Red ball. Use toothpick or tool to make indentations on top of apple. For leaf, roll tiny Green ball; form into flat teardrop shape. Press leaf on top of apple.
  • 6. For turkey, roll 4" Terracotta ball into oval shape. Create division down center of turkey; smooth edges. For turkey legs and wings, roll two 2" and two 1" Terracotta balls; form into tubes. Roll two 1" White balls; press onto ends of legs. Press wings on front and legs on sides of turkey.
  • 7. For veggies, roll: 1" Orange balls (carrots), 1/2" Green balls (green beans), 1" Yellow balls (squash). Form carrots into logs, green beans into skinny logs, and squash into flat circles. For carrot tops, roll tiny Green balls and form into rectangles; press onto top of carrots. Use toothpick or tool to make indentations on squash. Create small bunches of carrots, green beans, and squash.
  • 8. For plate, find small plate or flat container top. Position plastic wrap on container. Roll 3" White ball; press flat on plastic wrap. Mold plate to container size. Bend edges upward.
  • 9. For leaves, roll Terracotta, Yellow, and Orange clays together, creating pastel colors. Roll clay ball into flat sheet. Use leaf cookie cutter to cut shapes. Use toothpick or tool to create vein lines.
  • 10. Position turkey and veggies on plate. Let dry. Let other clay items dry.