Spooky Votives

for  Staedtler

size: 2" tall

  • Spooky Votives


  • Glass votive holders, 2” tall
  • FIMO Soft (Staedtler): Mandarin; Black


  • Conventional or toaster oven
  • Clay blade or craft knife
  • Clay-dedicated pasta machine, brayer or acrylic roller
  • Flat baking tray
  • Smooth work surface

Pattern - Spooky Votives

  • 1. Follow manufacturer's instructions to condition clay. (Note: Condition lightest colors first.) Print out pattern.
  • 2. Soften and roll out one package of Mandarin, using pasta machine. Roll out to approximately 1mm thickness and long enough to wrap around votive.
  • 3. For pumpkin votive, cut pumpkin motif out and use remaining piece as a stencil. Place stencil on rolled out clay and use craft knife to cut out shape.
  • 4. Straighten edges using ruler and craft knife and wrap around vase. Trim off any overlapping pieces. Press edge together with thumb. Use clay roller or another smoothing tool to roll over entire glass to smooth surface until seam is no longer visible. Carefully smooth down any bumps with finger.
  • 5. For bat votive, repeat Steps 1 and 2, then add bat motifs. Roll out 1/2 block of Soft Black to approximately 1mm thickness. Cut motif out and use it as a stencil. Place stencil on rolled out clay and use craft knife to cut out shape. Use craft knife blade to lift bat cutout from work surface and place on covered votive holder. Repeat process, placing several bats around glass. For eyes, roll several tiny Mandarin clay balls and press onto faces.
  • 6. Use craft knife to cut any remaining air pockets in clay and gently smooth them down. Bake vase at 230°F for 30 minutes. Let cool completely. (Note: If you don not wish to cover glass completely with clay, simply place several clay bats or pumpkins directly on glass and press in place.