Prayer Votive

By  Sandy Rollinger 

size: 3"

  • Prayer Votive


  • Recycled coffee creamer carton
  • Creative Paperclay Delight White Air-Dry Clay
  • Jacquard Lumiere Paints: Citrine, Pearlescent Turquoise
  • Assorted rhinestones
  • Battery-operated tea light


  • Wooden dowel (or clay-dedicated rolling pin)
  • Jacquard Lumiere Paints: Citrine, Pearlescent Turquoise
  • Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, paintbrush, newspaper (to cover work surface), pencil, plastic knife
  • 1. For votive holder, measure and mark line 3/4" from bottom of recycled container. Measure and mark 3-1/2" from bottom of recycled container (for back of votive holder). Use scissors to cut on line, creating votive holder. Slightly round edges.
  • 2. On clean work surface, remove clay from package. To condition, roll clay in hands until soft, bending and rolling until pliable. Use wooden dowel or rolling pin to roll clay into 1/4"-thick sheet.
  • 3. For base of votive holder, use ruler to mark 2-1/2" square on clay sheet. Cut out square using plastic knife. For arch on votive holder, use ruler to mark 3"x2" rectangle on clay sheet. Cut out rectangle. Press square in base of holder and rectangle on arch of holder. Smooth edges.
  • 4. For trim, roll small logs from clay. Press logs around arch and base of holder. Use scissors to add details on trim.
  • 5. Let clay dry overnight.
  • 6. On covered work surface, paint outside trim Citrine. Let dry. Paint base and arch Pearlescent Turquoise. Let dry.
  • 7. Adhere rhinestones on base and arch. Adhere clear rhinestones in cross shape on inside of arch. Let dry.
  • 8. Position battery-operated tea light on base of votive holder.
  • Tip
  • 1. If working with younger children, have adults create base and assist kids in applying air-dry clay.