Fall Hosta Leaf Bowl

for  Mayco

Boy or Girl Scouts can create this project to fulfill their pottery or ceramic and clay badges.

  • Fall Hosta Leaf Bowl
  • Fall Hosta Leaf Bowl


  • Low-fire moist clay
  • Mayco Foundations: Rich Chocolate (FN-29), Harvest Orange (FN-16), Pumpkin (FN-40)
  • Mayco Stroke & Coat: Candy Apple Red (SC-73)


  • Large heavily veined leaf (hosta leaf, cabbage leaf, oak leaf, hydrangea leaf)
  • Mayco #4 Soft Fan (CB-604) paintbrush

Basic Supplies

  • bowl, rolling pin, plastic knife, foil, masking tape, plastic wrap
  • 1. Choose a bowl that is comparable in size to leaf; turn bowl upside down and place leaf over rounded end to assure size.
  • 2. Cover work surface with foil; tape edges in place. Use an appropriate amount of clay to cover leaf. Roll clay to 1/4" thickness. Place leaf on clay so veins are facing clay. Gently roll over leaf with rolling pin to create an impression. Use plastic knife to cut around leaf. Remove leaf. Shape a small amount of clay to form a stem; press stem onto bottom end of leaf.
  • 3. Cover bottom of bowl with plastic wrap. Remove foil with leaf from work surface and place leaf on plastic wrap so impression is facing down and leaf forms shape of bowl; discard foil. Let dry to a leather-hard texture. (Note: Remove clay before it dries completely to prevent clay from cracking as clay will shrink while drying.) Remove clay from bowl and place on work surface; discard plastic wrap and allow to dry completely. Fire in kiln at temperature Cone 04.
  • 4. To paint the bowl, see photo. Apply three coats of Rich Chocolate to entire bowl, allowing paint to dry between coats. Divide top of bowl into three sections; apply Harvest Orange to one section, Pumpkin to another section, and Candy Apple Red to final section, overlapping edges. Let dry. Fire in kiln at temperature Cone 06.
  • Tip
  • 1. Visit a local ceramic store or pottery studio to fire project in kiln.