Snowman Pop Up Card

Use cute, colorful puffy stickers to spread holiday cheer with this easy-to-make pop up card!
By  Sue Eldred 

4¼” x5½”


  • Cardstock: teal, white
  • Paper House Productions Puffy Sticker: Snowman, Baby It’s Cold Outside, Christmas Lights
  • Pebbles Inc. Blizzard Scrapbook Paper, 12”x12”
  • Baby powder


  • Die cutting machine and Little B Christmas Phrases Die Set
  • Small paintbrush
  • 3M Double Stick Tape Runner


  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors

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Project Instructions

1. Make 5½” x4¼” top-fold card from teal cardstock.

2. For card front, cut 5¼”x4” panel from snowflake printed paper and cut 1 1/8”x4” strip from striped paper. Adhere striped strip to lower section of snowflake panel.

3. Die cut “Let it Snow” from Christmas Phrases die set and adhere to striped strip. Embellish with Snowman and Christmas Lights Puffy Sticker. Adhere entire panel to front of card base.

4. For card interior, cut 5¼”x8¼” and 5¼”x4 1/8” panels from snowflake printed paper. Fold the 5¼”x8¼” panel in half lengthwise with snowflake pattern on inside of fold. Adhere smaller 5¼”x4 1/8” panel striped side up on the lower half of folded panel and refold.

5. With card interior closed, measure and mark 1”, 1½”, 2¼”, 2¾”, 4” and 4½” on outer fold. Cut ¾” to 1½” lines into marked areas through fold with scissors. Fold each of three sections inward to create tabs. Open card interior and push pop-up tabs to inside.

6. Adhere double-sided tape to top outer half of card interior, avoiding pop-up tabs; adhere to card base. Adhere double-sided tape to outer bottom half of card interior and press onto card base.

7. Brush baby powder on back of three snowmen stickers to remove tackiness. Adhere stickers to front of pop up tabs, leaving space at bottom of stickers so card will close smoothly.

8. Cut 1”x5¼” strip of snowflake printed paper and adhere inside card 5/8” from bottom. Embellish strip with “Baby it’s Cold Outside” sticker and card background with Christmas Lights and snowflake stickers.