God's Eye Card

Create a small God's eye using thread and craft sticks for a unique embellishment for your card!
By  Linda Valentino 

5” x 7”


Cardstock: white, black, gold, mustard, tan, sunflower pattern

DMC Craft Thread: Orange, Yellow, Golden Yellow, Red, Black, Brown

Loew Cornell Craft Picks, two

Gold mesh ribbon


Computer printer

Adhesives: Adhesive runner, API’s Crafter’s Pick Fabric Glue



Paper trimmer

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1. Make 5”x7” top fold card from white cardstock.  Cut 5”x7” panel from sunflower paper and adhere to card front.

2. On computer, type “A Thankful Heart Knows Many Joys” in center of screen as shown.  Insert gold piece of cardstock into printer and print.  Cut 3”x5” rectangle from scrap computer paper to use as template.  Trace vertically over words on printed gold cardstock and cut out.

3. Cut 3¼”x5¼” rectangle from black cardstock and adhere to gold rectangle from Step 2. Cut 3”x6” rectangle from mustard and 2”x4” rectangle from tan cardstock.  Adhere mustard to back top left corner and tan to back lower right corner of layered panel.  Tear edges of mustard and tan cardstock until it fits comfortably on card. Cut two pieces of mesh and adhere to back of mustard and tan cardstock.  Randomly cut edges. Adhere all to card front.

4. To make god’s eye, hold sticks in an X and wrap yellow thread several times around joint to secure. On front, wrap thread over stick and around; rotate clockwise; over second stick and around; repeat.  Always wrap thread over stick, not under.  Keep thread tight at all times. Wrap yellow thread four times around each stick.  Cut yellow thread and tie to black thread, knotting in back. Continue wrapping each color two to seven times before changing colors.

5. When finished, add dot of adhesive on back on final knot.  Trim both ends of sticks, about 2 ¾” long and adhere god’s eye to card as shown