Badge of Honor Card

By  Kimmie Young 

size: 4-1/4"x5-1/2"

  • Badge of Honor Card


  • Cardstock: green textured; red; white; blue
  • Mini Gold Brads, 13 (Making Memories)
  • Jolee’s Boutique medal sticker (EK Success Ltd.)


  • Paper cutter
  • 1. Cut green cardstock to 5-1/2"x8-1/2"; score and fold in half.
  • 2. With fold at left, make small pencil marks along each side of card front at 1-1/16" and 1-1/2" from top edge. Draw third pencil mark on each side of card, 1-3/16" straight in from top pencil mark. Connect dots to form small triangle and cut triangle out on each side of card, cutting though both layers.
  • 3. Score and fold front flaps down to create overlapping shirt collar. Glue collar and insert brads in points. Cut away back flaps even with front edges.
  • 4. For placket, cut 3/8"x4-1/2" and 3/4"x4-1/2" strips from cardstock; adhere smaller piece to larger piece. Insert five brads for buttons and adhere down center front of shirt.
  • 5. For pockets, cut two 1" cardstock squares and two 1/4"x1" strips. Glue flaps to pockets; insert brad at center. Adhere pockets to shirt front; adhere medal sticker to pocket.
  • 6. Cut two 1/8"x3/4" strips from cardstock, insert two brads in each, and adhere to shoulders. For stripes, cut 1/8"-wide strips of various lengths from red, white, and blue cardstock; adhere to shirt.