Elegant Wedding Invitation

By  Jenna Beegle  for  Anna Griffin, Inc.

size: 6"x6"


  • Cardstock: brown; ivory
  • Decorative paper (AG1031)*
  • Vellum (AG2003)*
  • Brown ribbon, 24” length


  • Computer and printer
  • *Products by Anna Griffin
  • 1. Print invitation on ivory cardstock; trim to 5-1/2"x5-1/2".
  • 2. Cut 5-3/4"x5-3/4" piece from brown cardstock and 6"x6" piece from decorative paper. Layer printed invitation onto brown cardstock, and cardstock onto decorative paper; adhere.
  • 3. Cut 10"x10" piece from vellum. Center invitation on vellum on the diagonal. Position invitation so corner are touching each of the lines. Trim excess vellum from sides.
  • 4. Score vellum along top and bottom of invitation edges. Fold flaps over invitation, towards center. Tie ribbon over invitation, knotting in center. Trim ribbon ends at angle.
  • Tip
  • 1. If making many invitations, consider making a template for vellum shape on a file folder or heavy cardstock. This will speed things up, and prevent wasting the vellum.