Halloween Wishes

By  Cindy Mann Vitale 

  • Halloween Wishes


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Burnt Umber, Calypso Blue, Dioxazine Purple, Hauser Light Green, Heritage Brick, Jack-O'-Lantern Orange, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Light Buttermilk, Moon Yellow, Neutral Grey, Plantation Pine, Raw Sienna, Rookwood Red, Spa Blue, Tomato Red, Wild Orchid
  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel Aqualon: Liner, Series R2595, #1; Round, Series 2250, #2, #5
  • Watercolor Paper, 140 lb. Cold Press
  • Heavy cardstock with coated finish: Peach, Lime Green, Lavender


  • Black permanent ink pen, .005
  • Self-adhesive foam mounts
  • Acid-free adhesive

Pattern - Halloween Wishes

  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. In my shading technique, I use water to dilute paint to inky consistency to create wash affect. This could be a ratio as high as 95% water to 5% paint (e.g.: black or dark browns). Therefore be sure to choose paper that has a coating or a finishing that will prevent paint from soaking in, which will cause paper to wrinkle. If your paper is not coated, then spray with very light mist of clear acrylic sealer before painting. Very small amount of water will be needed, if any, to base coat. If paint seems to drag slightly, add a few drops of water for smoother application.
  • Preparation
  • 1. Cut cardstock as follows: lavender, 6"wx8-3/4"l; lime green, 6"wx6-3/4"l; peach, 6"wx7"l. Cut a 6"wx8"l piece from watercolor paper.
  • 2. Print out patterns; transfer basic pumpkin head and flower pattern lines onto watercolor paper; do not cut items out at this time. (Transfer details as needed.) Transfer polka-dots onto peach cardstock. (Note: Only transfer dots that will be visible around pumpkin head.) Transfer lettering on lavender cardstock.
  • 3. Base polka-dots on peach cardstock Jack-O'-Lantern Orange; shade Heritage Brick along one side. Use ink pen to draw spiral design.
  • 4. Base lettering on lavender cardstock Spa Blue; use mix of Calypso Blue + Lamp Black (4:1) to slightly shade some areas of letters. Pull some color onto paper for added dimensional effect.
  • Hat
  • 1. Base Neutral Grey; shade with diluted Lamp Black. Base hat band Wild Orchid; shade with diluted Dioxazine Purple. Add Wild Orchid polka-dots. Float band again with thin wash of diluted Dioxazine Purple.
  • Flower
  • 1. Base flower center Moon Yellow; shade Raw Sienna. Base white petal areas Lt. Buttermilk; shade with very thin wash of diluted Burnt Umber. Base blue petal areas Spa Blue; shade with mix of Calypso Blue + Lamp Black (4:1). Repeat same for other flowers. Base stem and leaves Hauser Lt. Green; shade with diluted Plantation Pine.
  • Pumpkin Head
  • 1. Base Jack-O'-Lantern Orange; shade with diluted Heritage Brick. Use Moon Yellow to base eyes and yellow nose area; shade Raw Sienna. Base white nose area Lt. Buttermilk; shade with diluted Lamp Black. Base teeth area Lt. Buttermilk; shade with diluted Lamp Black. Base lips Tomato Red; shade Rookwood Red.
  • 2. Base collar Lt. Buttermilk; shade with diluted Burnt Umber. Base stripe Hauser Lt. Green; shade Plantation Pine. Base polka-dots Wild Orchid; shade Dioxazine Purple. Base bowtie Spa Blue; shade with mix of Calypso Blue + Lamp Black (4:1). Paint stripes with diluted Lamp Black, making some stripes darker than others.
  • Detailing
  • 1. Use pen to draw all detailing on Hat, Flowers, and Pumpkin Head using photo and pattern as guide.
  • Card Assembly
  • 1. Use pattern as guide to cut points in peach cardstock. Cut out pumpkin head and flowers from watercolor paper. Adhere flowers to peach points. Using photo as guide, adhere cardstock pieces as shown, leaving points of peach cardstock unglued. Use eight foam mounts to adhere pumpkin head to card as shown. Spatter entire card with diluted Lamp Black.
  • Note
  • 1. Extra postage may be needed for mailing this size envelope; a bubble envelope is suggested for protection.