Cards From The Heart

When the message is coming from the heart, create a card that will become a keepsake to cherish.

  • Cards from the Heart


  • White cardstock
  • Delta Ceramcoat: Crocus Yellow, Autumn Brown, Blue Heaven, Passion, Opaque Yellow, Wedgewood Green, Sunkissed Coral, Empire Gold, GP Purple
  • DecoArt Americana: Hauser Medium Green
  • Offray Polyester Spool O’ Ribbon (coordinating color), 1/8”-wide, 20” length (per card)


  • Loew-Cornell Comfort Brushes: Mid Length Liner, Series 3370, 10/0; Shader, Series 3300, #4, #6, #10; Round, Series 3000, #2, #4
  • Double-ended Stylus
  • Gray Graphite Paper
  • Tracing Paper
  • Palette paper
  • Compass
  • Deckle-edged scissors

Basic Supplies

  • tracing paper

Pattern - Cards From The Heart

  • Preparation
  • 1. Trace heart shape, fold lines, and position of punched holes. Use deckle-edge scissors to cut inside traced line. Note: Do not cut on traced line to avoid having to erase pencil lines. Punch holes.
  • 2. Fold over two sides (on dotted lines) that were punched to make heart shape and crease firmly. Fold intersection of each half circle.
  • 3. Print out patterns; transfer to cardstock.
  • Note
  • 1. Paint flowers from back to front. Thin all paint with water.
  • Card One - Flowers
  • 1. Using #4 shader, pull five short flat petals in a half circle around flower center with a mix of Crocus Yellow + tiny amount Autumn Brown. For center, load brush with Blue Heaven and a tiny amount of Passion on one corner. With brush on chisel edge, starting at top of center, pounce a row below yellow petals, working from left to right. Without reloading, continue to add rows of blue, filling in center until center fades away to white.
  • 2. Load #4 shader with yellow mix; add comma strokes below center. Note: Petals at outer edge should extend just beyond top row. Turn card upside-down and pull two small comma strokes at base. Shade base of petals with a very transparent float of Autumn Brown. Use 10/0 liner to add loose line work around petals, and starting at base center, add gather lines with yellow mix and a touch of Autumn Brown. Add highlight lines here and there on petals with Opaque Yellow. Buds are same as above, except pull three comma strokes.
  • Card One - Leaves and Stems
  • 1. For stems, use 10/0 liner and mix of Wedgewood Green + Hauser Medium Green. For leaves, load #2 liner with green mix. Note: Load brush once for one fern-like grouping. Starting at edge of flower or stem, make short strokes pushing out to left and right from where center vein would be. Each stroke gets smaller as you work your way to tip, ending with a single row of dots made with tip of liner. Note: These look best if some are lighter and some are more intense. Add a few veins if desired.
  • 2. Buds have a few strokes of green at base and flowers have a few tiny comma strokes crossing stem line. Add small green cup at flower base if desired.
  • Card One - Butterfly
  • 1. Using #6 shader, paint two transparent C-strokes for top wing, and one for bottom wing with water-thinned Blue Heaven. Let dry. Double-load #4 shader with thinned Blue Heaven and Passion. With Passion to outside pull one C-stroke for top and bottom wing. Using liner and water-thinned Passion, pull detail lines, antennae, and body.
  • Card One - Border
  • 1. Paint wavy line with liner and short flat strokes using #2 shader with Blue Heaven.
  • Card Two - Flowers
  • 1. Using #2 round, pull back petals with a straight comma stroke with transparent GP Purple and a tad of Passion. Make. Use 10/0 liner to pull a few darker, spiky lines up onto back petals. For center, load #4 shader with transparent Empire Gold and a tad of Sunkissed Coral on corner. With brush on chisel edge, starting at top of center, pounce a row below purple petals, working from left to right. Without reloading, continue to add rows of yellow, filling in center until center fades away to white. Use 10/0 liner and Sunkissed Coral to tap on tiny lines from flower center up a bit onto top petals to accent center. Use #3 round to make several comma strokes at base of flower with transparent purple mix.
  • 2. Buds are three or four comma strokes of varying lengths. Beginning at base of buds, pull some slightly darker purple strokes out about 1/3 of the way to tip.
  • Card Two - Leaves, Stems, and calyx
  • 1. Follow same instructions as above, adding comma strokes under buds for calyx.
  • Card Two - Bees
  • 1. Use #2 round to make small Opaque Yellow ovals for bodies. Use 10/0 liner and to paint heads, fuzzy lines on bodies, "movement" lines, veins on wings, and outline Black.
  • Card Two - Border
  • 1. Use small end of stylus dot along top curved edges with GP Purple. Use tip of #2 round with green mix for short skipped lines along bottom folded parts of card.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Attach ribbons.