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Shimmering Sheik Necklace

This bright and cheery pendant necklace designed with Swarovski Crystals' newest innovation, Shimmer Effect, is a must-have for your spring jewelry wardrobe. Wear it to your favorite festival, party or just to add sparkle to your day! The Shimmer Effect adds multi-color vibrancy with 16 beautiful colors that continually change with every movement!
By  Susan Kazarian for Create Your Style  


  • Swarovski Crystal: Yellow Opal Beads, article 5000, 6mm, 8 pcs; Yellow Opal F Flat Backs, article 2088, SS34 1 pc; Citrine Shimmer F Flat Backs, article 2088, SS20, 8 pcs; Hyacinth Shimmer F Flat Backs, article 2088, SS40, 8 pcs
  • Classic toggle clasp
  • Brass Cable Chain 6x4mm: 2”, 20”
  • Hot pink tassels 1”, three
  • Artistic Wire, 20 gauge, 8”
  • Small jump rings, three
  • Kabela Design Floral Flat Filigree, 12”
  • Two-part epoxy glue


  • Wire Cutters
  • Pliers: round, flat 


  • Papertowels 
  • Disposable cups 


1.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions to mix two-part epoxy glue. Adhere one Yellow Opal Flat Back to center of filigree. Adhere eight Citrine Shimmer Flat Backs to inner circle of filigree; repeat to adhere eight Hyacinth Shimmer Flat Backs to outer circle of filigree. Let cure for 24 hours. 

2.  Cut eight 1” pieces from Artistic Wire. Create simple loop on one piece of wire, slide one Yellow Opal Bead and make simple loop to close. Repeat seven more times with remaining wire and beads; set aside.

3.  Cut cable chain into ten 2” pieces and set aside.

4. Attach one 2” chain to top point of filigree from Step 1. Attach one Yellow Opal Bead component made in Step 2 to end of 2” chain. Repeat four more times ending with chain. Attach one end of Classic Toggle. Repeat for second side of necklace.

5.  Find center bottom point of filigree and attach one tassel. Add one more on either side of center tassel.