Beading / Jewelry

Shimmering Floral Earrings

Shimmering sapphire & fuchsia crystals combine to create these must have earrings! Designed with Swarovski crystals’ newest innovation, Shimmer Effect, these will be your go-to fashion accessory all season long.
By  Ron Rock for Swarovski Create Your Style 



  • Swarovski: Fuchsia Crystal Beads, article 5040, 6mm, two; Citrine Shimmer F Crystal Flat Backs, article 2088, two; Siam Shimmer F Crystal Flat Backs, article 2088, 12                  
  • TierraCast Bead Ear Wires, two
  • Kabela Design Pinwheel Floral Filigree, 21mm, two
  • Two Part Epoxy


  • Round and flat nose pliers

Basic Supplies

  • Toothpicks
  • Disposable small plastic cup

1. Follow manufacturer's instructions to mix two-part epoxy in plastic cup. Place small amount of epoxy to center of filigree using toothpick and adhere one Citrine Shimmer Crystal Flat Back. 

2. Use toothpick and epoxy to adhere one Siam Shimmer Crystal Flat Back onto each petal of floral filigree. Repeat Step 1 and 2 for other earring and let cure for 24 hours.

2. Slide one Fuchsia Crystal Bead onto each ear wire and make a simple loop. Attach ear wire to one point of filigree. Repeat to make other earring.