Beading / Jewelry

Wire Heart Earrings

Create these earrings in no time with just some wires and pliers!
By  Joan Martin Fee 


Artistic wire: 22 gauge silver plated copper wire in desired color


Jewelry tools: wire cutters, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers

basic supplies


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Project Instructions

1. For each pair of earrings, cut six ¾” and two 2” lengths from wire with wire cutters.

2. For each heart, grasp center of one ¾” length of wire with round nose pliers. Slightly bend ends together with fingers to form a V.

3. Grasp one end of V with round nose pliers and twist inward to form hook shape. Repeat with other end of wire to form a heart. Make a total of six hearts.

4. Gently open one heart and insert into another and close. Repeat to form a three-heart dangle. Repeat for second earring

5. For each hanging wire, grasp one 2” length of wire ¾” from end with round nose pliers. Twist to make a loop as shown.

6. Hold wire at circle with flat nose pliers. Wrap short end of wire around long end as close as possible. Trim excess with wire cutters. 

7. Bend long end of wire up near tip to create earring hook. Open heart at top of the three-heart dangle. Slip into loop on hanging wire. Close heart. Repeat for second earring.