Beading / Jewelry

Summertime Memories Necklace

By  Becky Nunn 



Nunn Design: Gold Itsy Bottle & Top Channel; Gold Faceted Fine Bead Chain, 6½”; Gold 14 pp Rhinestone Chain, 2”; Gold Charms: Oyster, Anchor, Mussel, Coral, Seahorse, Trumpet, Clam, Small Starfish; Gold Textured Circle Jumpring, 6mm, 10; Gold Contemporary Toggle Ring; Gold Lobster Clasp, 22.5mm; Large Gold Textured Cable Chain, 6”; Small Gold Hammered Flat Cable Chain, 23”; Crystal Clay, Brown 

Shells or sand 



Needle nose pliers, two 

Flush cutters




Latex or work gloves 

Wet wipe

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1. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to prepare Crystal Clay. While wearing gloves, pinch off two equal lentil-sized balls to make (1:1) mixture of hardener + brown. Knead together until clay is consistent in color. Remove gloves. 

2. Roll clay into thin even snake. Place thin clay snake into center of channel top and wrap it all the way around; pinch off excess clay. Flatten clay in channel using your thumb to spread clay around. Push clay toward side edges of channel. Continue until clay is flattened and smooth in the channel. Roll channel top in between palm and finger for even coverage. Clean any excess clay off channel and fingers using wet wipe or damp cloth. 

3. Embed Faceted Fine Bead Chain around channel top one row at a time for a total of three rows.  Use flush cutters to trim away excess so ending point is right next to starting point. Embed 14pp Rhinestone Chain in fourth row. Finish channel top with one more row of Faceted Fine Bead Chain. Roll channel gently between fingers to ensure chains are embedded. Clean any clay on channel top or chain with wet wipe. Let set for two hours before adhering to bottle top. 

4. Insert seashells, sand or other treasures into Itsy Bottle. Apply small amount of adhesive inside Itsy Bottle top lid with toothpick and press close. Twist bottle around to distribute adhesive. Let dry following adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. 

5. Open jumpring with two needle nose pliers and thread charm of choice onto Large Gold Textured Cable Chain. Close jumpring. Repeat to attach rest of charms onto every other link as shown. 

6. To assemble necklace chain, open last link of Large Textured Cable Chain and attach Small Hammered Flat Cable Chain.  Close link of Large Textured Cable Chain.

7. For closure, attach lobster clasp to end of Small Hammered Flat Cable Chain with 6mm jumpring. Attach Starfish Charm onto toggle with jumpring. Attach 6mm jumpring to toggle ring and thread through Small Hammered Flat Cable Chain and double it up upon itself. Open first link of Large Textured Cable Chain and thread both ends of Small Hammered Cable Chain.