Beading / Jewelry

Leather Flower Cuff

Use suede lace in a creative way to create flowers for your next jewelry project.
By  Myléne Hillam  



Silver Creek: Leather Sof-Suede Lace: Violet, Lilac, Pink, Sandy Beach; Dark Brown Leather Cuff; Leather Clear Jewel Rivets, seven  
Czech glass 5x16mm purple dagger beads, 18
Non-tarnish silver wire, 26 gauge


Chain nose pliers
Flush cutters
Multi-hole jewelry punch
We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile Power Punch
Fiebing’s Leather Adhesive

basic supplies

Pencil and ruler
Permanent marker

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1. Cut five pieces of each suede lace in following lengths: Violet, 29/16”; Lilac, 23/8”; Pink, 23/16”; Sandy Beach, 2”.  Measure 1/8” from both ends of each piece of suede lace and mark with permanent marker.

2. Working on one suede lace at a time, align jewelry punch with mark from Step 1. Make sure point is centered on suede lace and punch 1mm hole. Repeat on both ends of each suede piece.

3. Cut 8” piece of wire. String one end of suede lace from Step 2 in following order: Violet, Lilac, Pink, Sandy Beach.

4. String dagger bead. String other end of each suede lace in reverse order as shown. Make four more petals on same length of wire.

5. Form five petals into circle and wrap one wire end around other to tighten.

6. String 13 dagger beads onto longest end of wire and form into circle. Thread each wire through next two beads in circle.

7. Anchor two wire ends to leather petals by inserting it between two nearest petals and wrapping it around wire circle. Trim excess wire.

8. Mark middle of leather cuff and punch 1/8” hole. Insert rivet base from back of cuff.

9. Apply leather adhesive to base of each petal. Position flower over center of rivet base. Let dry for 20 minutes.

10. Insert jewel rivet into rivet base as shown.


11. On reverse side of cuff, measure ¾”, 1½” and 2¼” from cuff stud. Punch 1/8” hole at each mark. Insert rivet base from back and press jewel rivet from front of cuff.