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Hoop Jewelry

Perfect jewelry project for beginner jewelers - create this matching set for someone special.
By  Linda Valentino  

necklace, 24”; earrings, 11/8”x2”


Silver chain, 10”, two
Silver textured circles: 11/8”, three; 7/8”, three; 5/8”, three
Silver jump rings: 15mm, five; 8mm, nineteen; 6mm, four
Silver lobster clasp, 12mm
Silver earwires, two


Chain-nose pliers, two pairs

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1. To make necklace, open 8mm jump ring, add one of each size textured rings and close. Add four more 8mm rings to textured rings and slide an open 15mm through all five 8mm rings. Close ring.

2. On each side of 15mm ring from Step 1, add two 8mm rings, one 15mm ring, two 8mm rings and one 15mm ring for a total of five 15mm rings. Add 6mm jump rings to both end rings and insert 10” chain pieces.

3. Add 6mm ring to one end of chain and add lobster clasp to other side.

4. For each earring, use three 8mm jump rings to join one of each size textured rings together. Open 6mm jump ring, slide through all three 8mm rings and through earring wire. Close ring.