Beading / Jewelry

Faux Druzy Bracelet

Create convincing faux druzys with resin and turn them into a colorful bracelet.
By  Myléne Hillam  



  • EnviroTex Jewelry Resin
  • Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments: Duo Blue-Green; Duo Green-Yellow; Shimmer Violet; Super Copper; Blue Russet
  • Small gemstone chips: turquoise, peridot, amethyst, carnelian, mookaite jasper
  • Floracraft Twinklets Diamond Dust
  • Gold findings: two-loop bezels 25mm, five; rectangle spacer beads, 9x8mm, four; toggle clasp; eye pins, four; split rings, two


  • Pliers: flat nose, round nose, split ring
  • Flush cutters

basic supplies

  • Measuring cups
  • Plastic cups, five
  • Wooden stir sticks
  • Toothpicks
  • Gloves

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Project Instructions

1. Pour ½ teaspoon of each part of Envirotex Jewelry Resin into measuring cup and mix according to manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Divide mixed resin between five cups. Add different Pearl Ex color to each cup and stir with wooden stick until powder is completely mixed into resin.

3. Using different gemstones in each bezel, fill each one with enough chips to cover bottom. Pour gemstone chips in corresponding colored resin. Mix them into resin and coat chips completely.

4. Drag bead chips to one side of cup, allowing resin to drain into opposite side. Use stir stick to spoon chips back into bezel with smallest amount of resin possible.

5. Arrange chips so they fully cover bezel bottom. If there are any gaps, cover with small amount of resin.

6. Generously sprinkle Diamond Dust over bead chips using clean wooden stick to create druzy sparkle effect. Press Diamond Dust into resin using toothpick and set aside to cure for 12 hours. Repeat for each gemstone chip.

7. String spacer beads on eye pins and bend them at a 90° angle to spacer bead. Trim eye pins to 7/16”. Turn a simple loop large enough to accommodate bezel loops on each one.

8. Lay faux druzys as desired and place spacer in between each pair. Connect together by opening eye pin loops and hooking them onto bezel loops.

9. Use split ring pliers to open split ring and hook on one half of clasp and the loop of one end of bracelet. Attach second half of clasp to other end of bracelet with other split ring.