Beading / Jewelry

Jewelry Making: Chain Maille Necklace

Link small jump rings together to form this unique necklace for everyday wear.
By  Linda Valentino 



  • Jump rings, 18g: silver, 55; black, 44 
  • Black faceted beads, 4mm, four
  • Silver metal diamond-shaped beads, 5/8” , two
  • Silver findings: chain, 6”, two; jump ring, 4mm, one; tiny tag with jump ring; eye pins, two; lobster clasp, 12mm


  • Pliers: chain-nose, two; round-nose
  • Flush cutters
  • Beading awl

basic supplies

  • Paper clip

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Project Instructions

1. Place paper clip on one silver jump ring to hold. Attach two black jump rings to single jump ring. Attach two silver jump rings to the two black jump rings. Attach two silver jump rings to the two new black rings.

2. Hold linked jump rings vertically with paper clip hanging down. Using point of awl, spread top two black rings apart, letting them drop down to either side of silver rings. Spread silver rings apart and slide awl into inside edges of two black rings that were just dropped to either side. Holding silver rings firmly with thumb and forefinger, remove awl and attach two silver rings to the two black rings.

3. Add two silver rings and repeat Step 2 above. The pattern is two silver, two black, drop down. Two silver, two black, drop down. Continue adding a total of 42 black and 42 silver rings. End with single silver jump ring. Remove paper clip.

4. On one eye pin, add black bead, metal bead and black bead. Create wire-wrapped loop at top. Add silver jump ring and chain to top loop and join bottom loop to single silver ring on chain maille. Repeat for second side of necklace.

5. Add lobster clasp to one end of chain and nine silver jump rings and tiny tag to second end.