Beading / Jewelry

Winter Blossoms Necklace

By  Myléne Hillam 

size: 18-1/2"


  • Silver Creek Leather Co. Realeather Black Deertan Goatskin
  • Marea Peacock Gold Czech Glass Dagger Beads, 16mmx5mm, 21
  • Gold findings: spacer beads, 3mm, 26; crimp tubes: size one, 14, size two, eight; crimp tube covers, small, two, regular, two; wire guardians, two; split ring; jump ring, 6mm; parrot clasp
  • Beading wire, .015”: gold 19-strand, black 7-strand


  • Stencils: scrap of sequin waste, drywall jointing tape
  • Jewelry pliers: chain-nose, crimping, split ring
  • Wire cutters
  • Jewelry punch, 1mm
  • Stiff paintbrush for stenciling
  • Sizzix Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine with Bigz Circles 1” Die
  • Acrylic paints: iridescent white, metallic bronze
  • Leather adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, toothpick, ruler, repositionable tape

Project Instructions

  • 1. Trim piece of leather from main sheet to size of circles die; place on top. Die cut nine circles from leather.
  • 2. Line three circles up on work surface; cover with section of drywall tape secured with removable tape. Dip tip of paintbrush into white paint; remove excess on scrap paper. Lightly stipple dry brush over drywall tape. Using same method, stipple remaining six leather circles using bronze paint over sequin waste. Let dry completely.
  • 3. One at a time, fold leather circle in half and punch 1mm hole in top, centered 1/4" from top edge, resulting in two holes in circle. Repeat for all nine circles.
  • 4. Cut three 3-1/2" lengths and three 3" lengths of gold beading wire. Working one piece at a time, fold wire nearly in half, leaving one side slightly longer. Slide #2 size wire crimp over both wire ends and slide up to fold, forming small loop. Crimp tube securely in place. Repeat for all six wires.
  • 5. Thread one gold spacer bead on open end of each wire. Slide #1 size crimp on end of wire and flatten with chain-nose pliers to keep bead secure. Repeat for all 12 open ends, creating six "stamens."
  • 6. Cut 20" length of black beading wire. String one #1 size crimp, positioned approximately 7-1/2" from one end. Flatten crimp, place small bead cover over it, and close. Beginning from back, thread wire through first hole in one bronze circle, one dagger bead, and then second hole in bronze circle.
  • 7. String same wire through first hole of another bronze circle, one short stamen, one dagger bead, one long stamen, and then second hole in bronze circle.
  • 8. String same wire through first hole of another bronze circle, one dagger bead, and then second hole in bronze circle, creating cluster of three.
  • 9. String seven spacer beads and six daggers alternately, starting and ending with spacer bead. String second cluster of three, using white circles. String another length of spacer/dagger beads. Repeat Step 7 in reverse.
  • 10. Slide #1 size crimp onto wire up to last circle added. Flatten crimp and close crimp cover over it. Center beads on black wire; trim. At one end, string on #2 size crimp, then insert wire through wire guardian and back through crimp. Flatten crimp, then cover with crimp tube. Repeat on other side of necklace.
  • 11. Open split ring using split ring pliers; slide wire guardian then clasp onto it. Attach jump ring to wire guardian at other end of necklace.
  • 12. Apply leather adhesive to back side of circles where edges meet using toothpick. Let dry thoroughly.
  • *tip
    While purchased stencils can offer more complex designs, consider repurposing household items for simpler, geometric patterns. Try a window screen, colander, dry spaghetti, and more.