Beading / Jewelry

Turquoise Chip Jewelry

for  Nunn Design

size: varies


  • Nunn Design Black Crystal Clay Epoxy Clay
  • Nunn Design Turquoise Gemstone Chip Beads
  • Nunn Design Jewelry Bezel of choice


  • Latex gloves

Basic Supplies

  • toothpicks or headpins, wet wipes
  • 1. While wearing gloves, mix clay according to manufacturer's instructions until uniform in color. Roll clay into smooth round ball. Press ball into bezel and pat with fingers to cover bezel surface. Clay should be slightly less than level with bezel sidewalls. (Note: If clay is doming, pinch off excess, remove, and pat remainder flat.)

    Photo 1
  • 2. Spread chip beads out on work surface. Pick up and place individual chips into clay using fingers. Avoid pressing beads deep into clay when intially embedding stones. Arrange chip beads so bead holes are not facing upward. Continue adding chip beads and arranging until bezel is full. Reposition beads by removing with toothpick or headpin.

    Photo 2

    Photo 3
  • 3. When beads are in desired position, gently press stones down into epoxy clay to embed. All beads must be in contact with surface of clay to avoid loose beads.

    Photo 4
  • 4. Gently wipe away any excess epoxy clay with wipe. Once cured, clay will be difficult to remove. Clay will harden in two hours and be fully cured in 24 hours.

    Photo 5
  • 5. Once piece is fully cured, do a stress test to make sure chips are embedded and fully adhered. Rub fairly hard across chip surface with fingers. Remove any loose stone to be reset. Blend very small ball of Crystal Clay and press it down into gap with headpin or toothpick. Reset chip, clean, and let cure.