Beading / Jewelry

Sculpted Relief Pendants

for  Nunn Design

size: varies


  • Nunn Design Crystal Clay Epoxy Clay in color of choice
  • Castin’ Craft EasyMold Silicone Putty
  • Nunn Design Resin Kit
  • Nunn Design Bezels-Patera


  • Nunn Design Brass Stampings
  • Castin’ Craft Opaque Color Pigment Concentrate in color of choice
  • Latex gloves
  • Safety goggles or glasses

Basic Supplies

  • wet wipes, toothpicks, warm lamp, scrap cardstock pieces, cookie sheet, plastic baggie
  • 1. Mix putty according to manufacturer's instructions. Make enough putty to surround chosen stamping and fit chosen bezel. Knead until putty is completely blended and has uniform color.

    Photo 1
  • 2. Roll putty into round ball and flatten slightly on work surface. Flattened ball should be larger than outside rim of bezel with smooth unwrinkled surface.

    Photo 2
  • 3. Press bezel face-down into putty gently to provide outline. Remove bezel, lay stamping face down onto putty in desired position, and press into place. Using bail impression as registration, repress bezel into clay. Allow putty to set for 25 minutes before removing stamping.

    Photo 3

    Photo 4

    Photo 5
  • 4. Wearing gloves, mix epoxy clay according to manufacturer's instructions. Knead until clay is completely blended and has uniform color. Roll clay into smooth ball and press into bezel; pat with fingers to cover and fill bezel surface.

    Photo 6

    Photo 7
  • 5. Place filled bezel over silicone mold, using rim and bail for registration. Pick up mold and press together applying pressure from both top and bottom.

    Photo 8

    Photo 9

    Photo 10

    Photo 11
  • 6. Remove any epoxy clay from bezel surface using wet wipe. Let dry for at least 12 hours.

    Photo 12
  • Prepare Resin
  • 1. On protected surface in well-ventilated area, mix 1 oz. resin according to manufacturer's instructions while wearing gloves and eye protection. Stir resin slowly and carefully for two full minutes. Scrape stir stick onto cup. Set cup under warm lamp for five minutes. Air bubbles will rise to surface and pop.
  • 2. While waiting for resin to settle, place bezels on cardstock scraps large enough to carry around. Place bezels and cardstock on cookie sheet.
  • 3. Pour small amount of resin into measuring cup. Add two drops of pigment to colorize resin. Add another drop of pigment if resin is not opaque enough.
  • Apply Resin
  • 1. Pour small amount of resin onto baggie. Apply resin to bezel using toothpick, poking down into crevices.

    Photo 13

    Photo 14

    Photo 15
  • 2. Lightly brush off surface of sculpted relief with wet wipe to allow epoxy clay color to show through. Remove any resin from metal bezel surface using wet wipe. Let resin dry for 12-14 hours. Resin will continue to cure for 72 hours.

    Photo 16

    Photo 17

    Photo 18
  • 3. The choice to apply resin is entirely up to you. Keep pendants bare and uncoated or apply resin for a completely different look
  • Tip
  • 1. Ideally, the stamping will fit inside your chosen bezel, but it is not required. Decide how image will be cropped within bezel, press into putty as desired, and continue with process.