Beading / Jewelry

Deep Blue Queen Necklace & Earrings

By  Susan Kazarian for Create Your Style 

size: necklace, 16-1/2"; earrings, 2"


  • Swarovski Crystal Passions Bermuda Blue Pendants: 13.5x6mm, 12; 25x7mm, eight; 38x10mm, one
  • Swarvoski Capri Blue Xilion Bicones, 4mm, two
  • TierraCast Brass Rolo Chain, 4.5mm, 18”
  • TierraCast findings: Medium Oval Jump Rings, four; Anna’s Toggle Set, 1/2”, one pair; Black Earring Blank, one pair
  • Beadalon Black Indian Leather Cord, 1mm, 48" length


  • Jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler

Note: Throughout the instructions, the 13.5x6mm pendant beads will be referred to as small, the 25x7mm beads as medium, and the 38x10mm bead as large.


  • 1. Cut 16" length of rolo chain. Attach one half of clasp set to end of chain using jump ring. Repeat on other end of chain.
  • 2. Find center point of chain. Cut 30" length of leather cord and thread through center link. (Note: To begin weaving, chain links need to face same direction. Work from center to right end, then center to left end.)
  • 3. Thread right half of leather cord through large pendant and back through same link. Skipping one chain link, thread cord end through link from top to bottom. Thread on one small pendant, then thread cord back through same link as before. Continue adding single pendants in same manner in following order: one medium, one small, one medium, one small, one medium, three small. After last pendant, skip one link, then thread cord through link from top to bottom. Make overhand knot next to chain link and trim as desired.
  • 4. Repeat beading process for left side of necklace, adding pendants in following order: one small, one medium, one small, one medium, one small, one medium, three small. Knot off cord as in Step 3. Trim end.


  • 1. Slide one bicone onto earring blank; create simple loop. Repeat for second earring.
  • 2. Cut two 1/2" lengths of chain. Attach one medium pendant to one chain end using jump ring. Repeat for second chain.
  • 3. Cut two 4" lengths of cord. Loop one cord through second-to-last link in chain and tie overhand knot. Trim end. Repeat with second cord through second chain.
  • 4. Attach wires to open ends of chain lengths.