Beading / Jewelry

Crystal Embellished Shoes

By  Bonnie Clewans for Swarovski North America Limited 

size: adult


  • Champagne satin sandals with clear straps
  • Beads (Swarovski): White Pearls, 5810, 6mm, 120; Crystal Silver Shade Beads 5000: 3mm, 600 6mm, 20


  • Dandyline Thread (.008), 20 lb. test
  • Beadalon, .012 (Beadalon)
  • Crimp beads, #1, four
  • Short sharp needles, size 10
  • Scotch 2-Sided Silicone Tape, 1”-wide (3M)
  • Note: To make the matching shoes pictured above, click here
  • 1. Thread needle with Dandyline. String six pearls, then use surgeon's knot to tie beads in circle, leaving 3" tail. Pass needle through all six beads again and tie another knot with tail thread. Make sure circle is tight.
  • 2. Add 6mm crystal and position in pearl circle center. Make 1/2" knot between pearls #3 and #4. Pass needle back through center crystal and make another half hitch knot between pearls #1 and #6 (Fig. 1).
    Fig. 1
  • 3. String five 3mm crystals and make half hitch knot between pearls #1 and #2. Repeat around each pearl. When each pearl has crystal outline, tie off thread with tail thread (Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2
  • 4. Make a total of 20 rosettes. On 6" length of Beadalon, place crimp bead at end; crimp closed. Thread Beadalon through five center crystals, so rosettes are in a line. Make sure rosettes are evenly spaced and no knots are showing. Add second crimp bead; crimp and trim excess (Fig. 3).

    Fig. 3
  • 5. Cut piece of tape, remove protective cover on one side only. Gently place five rosettes on tape and press into place. Trim excess tape between rosettes. Remove backing; adhere to shoe.
  • Tips
  • 1. When tying off knots, use a surgeon's knot with a drop of glue. Use thread burner to cut off excess thread.
  • 2. When embellishing shoes, make sure beading is tight to prevent loops from catching on heel.