Beading / Jewelry

Cherry Blossom Pillow

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 12" square


  • Fabrics: white linen, 3/8 yd.; lt. blue cotton sateen, 1/4 yd.
  • Beads: matte pink ”E”, size A/B; matte brown bugle, 1/2”; glass bugle: silver, 1/4”; lt. blue, 3/16”; glass rocaille, 10/0: silver; lt. blue; gold


  • Warm & White needled cotton batting (The Warm Company)
  • Bead thread and sewing thread
  • Pillow form, 12” square

Pattern - Cherry Blossom Pillow

  • 1. Cut 5-1/2" lt. blue fabric square. Cut two 4"x5-1/2" linen rectangles; sew to top and bottom of lt. blue square. Cut two 4"x12-1/2" linen rectangles; sew to square sides.
  • 2. Print and cut out pattern. Transfer design to square. Use back stitch to sew beads to design. (Note: After sewing beads individually, insert threaded needle through each line of beads to straighten beads.) Use photo as guide to sew brown beads to tree (in row of three beads on trunk). Cut brown beads for pieces at seams if needed. (Note: Cut beads in plastic bag because tiny glass pieces will shatter.) For each flower, sew gold bead to dot on pattern, then sew five pink beads around each gold bead. Randomly sew both sizes of lt. blue beads to rounded lines at bottom of design and both sizes of silver beads to circle at top.
  • 3. Cut 12-1/2" square from batting and white fabric (pillow back). Baste batting square to back of finished pillow front. Sew pillow front to back, 1/4" from edges, leaving 10" opening at bottom for turning. Trim corners and turn right side out. Insert pillow form; hand sew opening closed.
  • Note: Sew 1/4" seams throughout with right sides of fabric facing, pinning and pressing as needed.