Beading / Jewelry

Beaded Satin Purse

By  Bonnie Clewans for Swarovski North America Limited 


  • Champagne satin purse
  • Beads (Swarovski): Crystal Golden Shadow Crystals 5000, 4mm, 34; Silver Crystal Rhinestone Rondelles, 6mm, eight; Cream Rose Light Pearls 5810: 3mm, 19; 5mm, four
  • Champagne organza ribbon, 1/8”, 1 yd.


  • Dandyline Thread (.008), 20 lb. test
  • Heavy-duty jump ring, 8mm
  • Fray Check (Prym Dritz)
  • Short sharp needle, size 10
  • To make the matching shoes pictured above, click here
  • 1. Thread needle with Dandyline; knot end.
  • 2. Insert needle through bag and bring to surface. Thread first bead and insert needle through bag. Come to surface and go through same bead again. Insert needle into bag and come up a short distance from first bead.
  • 3. Thread second bead onto needle, insert needle through bag, then come up a short distance from second bead. Continue until beading is complete.
  • 4. Finish last bead with second pass of Dandyline in same way as step 2. Tie thread off inside bag.
  • 5. Remove original zipper pull on bag front without damaging zipper.
  • 6. Replace zipper pull with jump ring; close.
  • 7. Cut organza into two 18" lengths. Apply Fray Check to 1" ends; let dry.
  • 8. Holding organza lengths together, tie Lark's Head knot to jump ring.

  • 9. Cut last 1" of organza parallel to stiff edge to use as needle for threading beads.

  • 10. String beads as follows: (4mm, rondelle, 4mm); 5mm pearl; (4mm, rondelle, 4mm). Adjust position on organza. Repeat for remaining organza strands.
  • 11. When fringe has beads, trim excess organza and apply Fray Check to ends.
  • Tips
  • 1. When scatter beading, use strong, non-stretchy thread so beads remain secure and upright on purse. If using another thread, sew each bead two times in same way as step 2.
  • 2. Use stitching on bag as guideline for sewing. Use stitches as spacers and needle holes as stitching guide.
  • 3. When stringing beads on organza, use beads with regular holes.
  • 4. If beads do not fit snugly on organza, tie an overhand knot under bead to prevent if from falling off fringe.