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Sage & Pearls Bridesmaid Jewelry

By  Terry Ricioli 

size: 25" length

  • Sage & Pearls Bridesmaid Jewelry


  • Swarovski Golden Shadow: pear pendant, 22mm; briolettes, 11x5.5mm, 13
  • Swarovski light green round pearls: 6mm, six; 3mm, 14
  • Antique copper metal round beads, 2mm, 34
  • Silver beading wire, 19-strand
  • Oxidized silver-plated crimp covers, two
  • Silver-plated crimp beads, #1, two
  • Antique silver chain
  • Antique silver-plated findings: ball headpins, 2”, six; beaded 2-1 links, two; pewter royal pinch bail, 5x10mm; jump rings, 4mm, 14; lobster clasp, 14mm


  • Jewelry pliers: chain-nose, two; round-nose
  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

  • ruler
  • 1. Cut beading wire to 9" length. Pass end through crimp bead, one lower loop of 2-1 connector, and back through crimp bead. Crimp and cover. String copper bead, 3mm pearl, copper bead, and briolette. Repeat pattern with remaining briolettes. String copper bead, 3mm pearl, and copper bead. String crimp bead, lower loop of second 2-1 connector, and back through crimp bead. Crimp and cover.
  • 2. Slide 6mm pearl and copper bead onto headpin. Make wrapped loop. Repeat for all 6mm pearls.
  • 3. Cut chain into one 12" and two 6" lengths. Place pinch bail on pendant; gently squeeze with chain-nose pliers. Slide bail onto 12" chain; connect ends to outer loops of 2-1 connectors using jump rings. Connect three pearl dangles evenly on each side of pendant, spacing 1" apart.
  • 4. Connect 6" chain lengths to upper loops of connectors using jump rings. Attach jump ring to one chain end and lobster clasp to other.
  • Tip
  • 1. This mix of antique copper and silver is a subtle version of the mixed metals trend. Use brighter versions of the metals to make a bolder statement.