Beading / Jewelry

Rustic Bridal Crown

By  Ruth Nore 

size: 8"x4"

  • Rustic Bridal Crown
  • Floral Crown


  • Thin metal headband
  • Large ivory flower, 3"-4” in diameter
  • Wired ivory pip berry twigs/vines, five
  • Green rose leaves, eight
  • Green rose leaves, eight
  • Ivory mini rose and bud, 1”, one each
  • Ivory cherry blossoms with centers removed, 1/2”, six
  • Silver rhinestones, 6mm, six


  • Glue gun with sticks

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pencil
  • 1. Using touch of glue, adhere four leaves together, points out, to form clover shape. Mark center of headband and a point 2" from center. Apply dot of glue to underside of headband at 2" mark. Adhere center of leaves at mark, with points of leaves pointing away from headband.
  • 2. Twist ends of three berry twigs together; adhere ends to center of leaves, crossing over top of headband. Twist and adhere remaining berry twigs, adhering facing down along side of headband.
  • 3. Adhere large focal flower over center of leaves, securing leaves, berry twigs, and flower to headband. Holding headband so top is facing up and away, adhere one leaf along headband, pointing up. Adhere rose bud and two hydrangeas along top of focal flower. Adhere small cherry blossom above center flower and one hydrangea above cherry blossom. Flowers should run along headband for best arrangement.
  • 4. Flip headband around to other side of focal flower. On left leaf tip, adhere one cherry blossom. Adhere last leaf along headband. Adhere mini rose along top middle of focal flower, adding hydrangea blossom above it and to right. Adhere cherry blossom to center of left berry twig.
  • 5. Flip headband around. Add two cherry blossoms, one at center and one at top of left and right berry twigs. Adhere rhinestones to cherry blossom centers. Bend and curve berry vines for more natural look. Secure any loose pieces.
  • Tip
  • 1. The soft feminine charm of this headband makes it perfect for not only weddings, but also prom and other formal evenings.