Beading / Jewelry

Turquoise & Brass Droplet Necklace

By  Terry Ricioli 

size: 23" length with 1-1/2" focal

  • Turquoise & Brass Droplet Necklace


  • Czech glass turquoise Picasso finish beads: nugget, 20x28mm; rounds, 10mm, 10
  • Oxidized brass rounds, 2mm, 10
  • Vintaj Natural Brass: Round Link Chain, 10mm links; Whimsical Spray Filigree, 34mm; Tiny Hook and Eye Clasp, 21x6mm
  • Oxidized brass findings: headpin, 20-gauge, 2”; headpins, 22-gauge, 2”, 10; jump rings, 8mm, 10; filigree petal bead caps, 6mm, 11
  • Deep brown deerskin suede lace, 3/16”, 40” length
  • Bronze copper wire, 22-gauge, 16” length


  • Jewelry pliers: chain-nose, two pairs; round-nose
  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

  • ruler, scissors
  • 1. Slide nugget, filigree, and petal bead cap onto 20-gauge headpin; close with wrapped loop. Press filigree around nugget using fingers and pliers.
  • 2. Slide brass round, turquoise round, and petal bead cap onto 22-gauge headpin; close with wrapped loop. Repeat for remaining beads.
  • 3. Cut chain to 7-1/4" length; open 13 links of remaining chain. Attach nugget to center of chain using extra link. Attach turquoise components from Step 2 to chain on both sides of pendant, skipping every other link, using 8mm jump rings.
  • 4. Cut two 20" lengths of suede lace. Fold one length in half; attach to end of chain with lark's head knot. Repeat for other side of chain.
  • 5. Cut four 4" lengths of wire. String chain link onto end of suede lace; fold over 2". Wrap wire around lace; trim and press ends of wire down to lace. Repeat for other end.
  • 6. Attach chain link to each lace end. Attach another link to each lace end, picking up two links from previous steps. Attach another link to each end, adding clasp pieces to each side.
  • Tip
  • 1. When wrapping wire around lace, fold it 1" from end and slide over lace. This provides an end to hold when wrapping.