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Sorbet Beaded Necklace and Earrings

By  Katie Hacker  for  Beadalon

sizes: adult

  • Sweet Sorbet Necklace
  • Sweet Sorbet Earrings


  • Bright or Silver-Plated 49-Strand Bead Stringing Wire*, 0.61 (.024”)
  • Beads: aqua round glass, 10mm, 28 (A); aqua round resin, 18mm, 23 (B); pink round Lucite, 12mm, 15 (C); yellow oval Lucite, 18mm, 10 (D); white round cat eye*: 4mm, nine (E); 6mm, 30 (F); 10mm, 16 (G)
  • Sterling silver EZ Crimp findings*: Ends, six; S-Hook Clasp
  • Beads, two each: aqua round glass, 4mm; white round cat eye*, 4mm; rose quartz round, 8mm; light yellow oval glass, 10mm
  • Findings*, two each: Silver-Plated Flower Ear Posts; White-Plated Head Pins, 1-1/2”


  • BeadFix SuperFast Adhesive* or epoxy
  • Designer Mighty Crimper*
  • Pliers*: Round-Nose; Chain-Nose
  • Wire Cutters*
  • *Products by Beadalon

    Project Instructions


  • 1. Cut following lengths from beading wire: 16"; 18-1/2"; 21". Use crimping tool to attach a crimp end to one end of each wire length. After stringing beads as follows, attach second crimp end to each length; wear strands separately or together by attaching crimp ends to hook clasp.
  • 2. String beads onto 16" wire: six F; seven A; five G; D; four B; D; five G; seven A; six F.
  • 3. String beads onto 181/2" wire: three F; four A; three B; one each CECEC; two B; three D; C; four B; one each CECD; two B; four A; three F.
  • 4. String beads onto 21" wire: six F; three A; three G; D; three B; one each CECDCECEC; two B; one each DCECECECD; three B; three G; three A; six F.
  • Earrings

  • 1. For each earring, glue a white cat eye bead to center of flower ear post. String beads onto head pin as follows: yellow; rose quartz; aqua. Use round-nose pliers to make loop in head pin after last bead; cut excess wire. Attach beaded head pin to earring.